Speed limits: down with the supposed tolerance

Avto 8 September, 2017
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    Marc Lachapelle

    Thursday, September 7, 2017 10:55

    Thursday, September 7, 2017 10:55

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    Do you like speed? Me too. I admit, I love the speed since always. Not on the road, however. Now, at least, because there are too many vehicles, too many obstacles, too much risk. Too much surveillance, too.

    I could tell you that I will scrupulously comply with all the limits of speeds displayed, but what would you lie brazenly. I do not respect them more than you. Not more than the vast majority of you, rather.

    And if we are so many to lead in this way, it is because we are convinced that the police of our beautiful province tolerate the excesses of speed, in a certain extent.

    Ask your neighbor and he will tell you without doubt, with great conviction, that the police “tolerate”, for example, speeds of up to 120 km/h on highways where the posted limit is 100 km/h.

    Tolerance ghost

    However, be aware that this tolerance does not exist and that it is not written in any regulation, or any paragraph dark of the highway safety Code in Quebec. And note especially that, never a police officer do you confirm the existence of this alleged tolerance, at least in writing or in front of a microphone or a camera.

    This is what offends me and I take offence in this history, for years. Because that by maintaining or by not denying ever this popular belief, our police reserves a comfortable margin for the exercise of a discretionary power which is not granted by any law or regulation.

    All the world knows, or believes to know, therefore, that it is allowed to roll to 119 km/h on our highways so that it is not. Why not imitate our distant neighbours of British Columbia, which the Minister of transport has established the limit on a highway at 120 km/h?


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    The thing is also quite ironic, if you think that the price of gasoline continues to rise and the fuel consumption is higher by about 20% if you drive at 120 rather than 100 km/h. And you certainly interest to roll less quickly in an electric car, whose autonomy is shrinking at over 100 km/h.

    The worst of it, with this story of supposed tolerance, is that our police seem to apply to all speed limits, whatever they are. Always for the same reason : if you don’t exceed the limit of 20 km/h, you are not simply a customer enough charge.

    In an area where the limit is 30 km/h, often for excellent reasons, and therefore there is little risk that you glue a fine if you ride less than 50 km/h. And it is much too easy to reach this speed, even in the most modest sub-compact, modern, if there is even the slightest bit distracted or in a hurry.

    However, the risk of a collision of any type is often much higher in those areas where traffic is most dense, the streets more narrow and the obstacles more numerous. These corners of the city and these neighbourhoods are teeming and circulate the most slow and vulnerable among us. Not even talking about school zones.

    Marc Lachapelle


    For limits that are clear and sharp

    It is enough that our police forces say clearly that there is no tolerance for exceeding the speed limit in this province and that every driver must abide by the posted speed limits displayed, without exception.

    The competent authorities would, however, at the same time, to revise carefully and seriously all the limits so that they are adapted to the level of actual risk involved with each type or section of road. These limits would be dictated by the science of movement and non-quota violation, as is another popular belief, without doubt, founded, alas.

    These new measures will go a lot better if it is announced, at the same time, the maximum speed goes to 120 km/h on our highways, without tolerance for any excess measured. Since the average current in approach and that we accept it already… this would reduce the speed differences between those who adhere strictly to the limits and the vast majority of others. And these differences are always a big security risk, on a motorway.

    Everyone should cease this charade of a hypocrite, and even a little cynical, the supposed tolerance. All Quebecers deserve it.