Spider-Man Homecoming: How is the ending scene with Tony Stark important?

Cinema 17 July, 2017

The ending scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming in which Tony Stark finds Peter Parker is not quite trivial. But why is it important? Warning, spoilers!

If Spider-Man: Homecoming is so different from the previous films of the superhero, it is of course because Peter Parker appears much younger. But it is also because it belongs to the MCU, with all that entails references and consequences. Because yes, the film by Jon Watts is necessarily marked by what happened before, whether in The Avengers or in Captain America: Civil War. It is because he played the superheroes alongside Tony Stark and the Avengers that our new Peter seeks at all costs to prove himself! You know, to be worthy to join the superhero team in turn. So, we are all the more surprised to see the ending scene of the film that stands between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. If the first Spider-Man: Homecoming post-production is important, the one shared by Iron Man and his protégé is just as important. But why ? Warning, spoilers!

This famous scene comes when Peter has just defeated the Vulture – demolishing a high-tech merchant aircraft destined for the Avengers HQ. Tony, whom the young man has harassed throughout the film to convince him of his value, finally agrees to make him an Avenger. And for this, he invites her to the new base of the team, offers him a brand new costume and … announces that he will present it to the world at a press conference. Yes. A press conference. With the face unmasked and its identity displayed on the front page. To believe it is far, the time when our superheroes tried to keep their anonymity! But the other astonishing aspect of this scene is that it ends with Peter Parker’s refusal to be part of the Avengers. And this, considering that he will join the band in The Avengers: Infinity War in order to fight the imposing Thanos, it was not expected.
This ending sequence with Tony Stark is important for two reasons. On the one hand because it shows the path that our hero has traveled since his appearance in Civil War. Initially eager to integrate the Avengers to help fight crime – for prestige, because he is a hardcore fanboy too – he chooses to remain the cool hero who takes care of his neighborhood. And to remain so in the image of the Spider-Man of the beginnings. In the end, the character’s decision sticks to the atmosphere of the film and its purpose. No, Spidey does not save the world in Spider-Man: Homecoming, yes, he makes mistakes because basically he remains an inexperienced teenager and, yes, he has to manage both sides of his life and make sure that, They do not collide. Hence his choice to continue to be the superhero of Queens. Which will not prevent him from going to the front line when it will be necessary!

But this scene is also very important for the MCU because it accurately shows one of the major consequences of Civil War events. With the Sokovian Accords, superheroes – at least those who have not fled with Cap ‘- no longer have the right to remain anonymous. And this regardless of their age apparently. In the crossover “Civil War”, Peter Parker, who joined Tony Stark, is a little reluctant to take off his mask in front of a tide of journalists and reveal his identity. Fortunately, Spider-Man’s: Homecoming will not have had to go that far … even though his Aunt May just discovers behind the pot-aux-roses! This final sequence, therefore, puts an end to a film that makes it a point of honor to ensure that the MCU gives us the impression of being organic. And to show us that the events of each Marvel production no longer have only consequences on the life and relationships of our heroes but also on the rest of the world. Anyway, that bodes well for the Spider-Man suite: Homecoming!