Stan Smith “Trace Cargo”: This suede pair is perfect for spring!

Avto 24 January, 2017

The Stan Smith has just declined in a sober and refined version. With its light gray suede upper, the pair is perfect for spring 2017.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle made you share images of Stan Smith Boost in metallic copper . With its glossy appearance and neat details, the pair was really stylish. But if you prefer sobriety to originality, then you will probably be more attracted to the pair you want to talk to you now. Elegant and discreet, the Stan Smith ‘Trace Cargo’ looks set to be perfect for the spring of 2017, all of which are already waiting impatiently. Before giving you more details about it, we let you admire it in the photos below. It is already available to purchase, but may display sold out in the hours ahead.
Stan Smith “Trace Cargo” consists of a light gray suede upper, perforated with three stripes on the side . The same color is taken up by all the other elements of the basket, except the sole that it is white. The standard Stan Smith logo is replaced with a metallic gold version on the tongue, and a bronze version on the heel. If you kiffes this basketball you can shopper on the AFEW for 99.95 euros. Attention, only a few sizes are still available. Otherwise, you can wait until the release of the Ultra Boost “Triple Black”, which is sober and equally stylish . You validate this Stan Smith?