Starting a business from your home

Business 11 March, 2022

It’s no secret that the outbreak of the pandemic left many people reflecting on their overall job satisfaction.

Research suggests that 60% of Brits plan to look for new work this year. The top reason for this was due to workers feeling a lack of connection with their company’s culture (80%) closely followed by a third of employees experiencing a lack of appreciation and recognition for their work.

Naturally, this had led lots of UK workers to consider starting their own business so that they can create a career where these issues don’t apply.

In this article, we explore the advantages of starting a business from home.

Flexible working

With the introduction of remote working, as a nation, we became accustomed to the convenience and flexibility of working from the comfort of our own homes. According to recent reports from YouGov, 85% of employees would prefer hybrid working – where the working week is made up of a combination of remote working and office working. When you start your own business you can have as much flexibility around other commitments as you like. You can choose to save on fuel costs by remaining at home to work, travelling abroad to explore new culture for a month and working from a villa or hotel there, and you can choose when you want time off without needing to seek approval.

Be your own boss

Being your own boss is a huge incentive for many who want to start their own home-based business. When you’re working under someone else’s charge you don’t have the final say on any decision. Being your own boss allows you to take the reins and bring your vision to life. Having full control of the direction your business is going in, enables you to steer your workload towards your goals accordingly.

Create the perfect set-up

One of the more exciting parts of starting a business from home is getting creative with your workspace. This will look vastly different depending on what you want your business to be. One important point to consider is assembling all of the equipment you’ll require. For an office worker, this might be computers, desks, chairs, and printers. For a craftsperson within a workshop, this could be anything from tool kits to magnifying lamps – and everything in between! Whatever your dream set-up, just be sure it abides by basic health and safety regulations to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

Assemble a talented team

When you’re in the driving seat, you no longer have to put up with sub-par colleagues or individuals who you feel don’t quite fit the company culture you’ve created. Instead, you can make sure you recruit talented team members, with the right attitude, who are going to have a positive impact on the business as a whole.