Summer tires: wait, winter is not finished

Avto 15 March, 2018
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 07:20

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 07:20

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    As of tomorrow, you will be able to legally get rid of your winter tires until next fall. But don’t do it.


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    You remember, the 15th of march of last year? The biggest snow storm of the season descended on the South of Quebec. It was exactly one year ago today, Montreal looked like this.



    Well fuck. #snow #winter #montreal #quebec #mtllife #qc #snowstorm #stuck

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    According to the statistics of CAA Quebec, he falls in average 36 cm of snow in march and 13 cm in April in Montreal. In Quebec, we are talking about an average of 46 cm in march and 13 cm in April.

    In this perspective, it would be rather crazy to drop its winter tires right away, no?

    And this is not even just a question of snow. Even on a road that is perfectly cleared, a summer tire may not offer optimum performance when the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius.

    No need to tell you that temperatures less than 7 degrees, it is far from rare in march. And even in April.

    In short, even if you want to change your winter tires often too noisy for you to find your soles in summer, keep you a little discomfort. In the name of your safety, but also that of others.

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    You can do so, but later

    That being said, some motorists may be tempted to never get rid of their winter tires and keep them all summer, until the snow comes back.

    Once again, bad idea.

    When the mercury rises to warmer temperatures, this is the winter tire that becomes dangerous.

    In the summer, the gum softer winter tires loses its capacity and increases the distance necessary in order for your vehicle to stop. In an emergency situation where you should brake suddenly, winter tires in summer could be fatal.

    In addition, as the sole winter tires is designed to work in winter conditions, its use on a hot bitumen causes premature wear, which will force you to change your tires more quickly. So this is not just a matter of security, but also of common sense economic.

    In short, donning his car good summer tires is important. But before we do, wait for the winter leave us alone!