SuperCondenser, Infinity Display … This concept of the Samsung Galaxy S9 makes you dream!

Techno 25 April, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are sinking a lot of ink. Yet, some designers already think about the sequel. Between supercapacitor and Infinity Display, this concept of the Galaxy S9 makes dream!
You are looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8? We understand you since we spent a day with the Galaxy S8 + . But some people see even further. The designer Sunny Gandhi has decided to make us dream with a concept of the future Samsung Galaxy S9 of which he alone has the secret. According to this designer, the future smartphone could be equipped with a supercapacitor , a kind of super super fast battery that can revolutionize our everyday life. And aesthetically, this concept also has a say. Without further ado, discover what the Samsung Galaxy S9 might look like.
Visually, this concept of the Galaxy S9 has finally nothing to do with its elder. According to Sunny Gandhi, the future Korean smartphone would be rectangular and ultra-thin. But the key is elsewhere. The designer imagined an S9 with a front camera, below the screen, a bit like what we could see on the Xiaomi Mi Mix . And there is also on this concept and for the first time on this smartphone, a supercapacitor that would offer a sick autonomy to the S9. And as Sunny Gandhi never does things halfway, he imagined a fingerprint sensor built into the Infinity Display of the supposed S9 . Basically, we would have to touch any part of the screen of the future flagship to unlock it.