Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio … Which is made for you?

Techno 15 June, 2017

Microsoft delights us with its Surface range: Pro, Laptop, Book and Studio. But which one will suit you best?
After the arrival of Surface Book, it is the turn of the Surface Laptop to join the French market alongside Pro (5) and Studio. Multitasking, equipped with the latest PC technology, Dial technology , which will make you zap keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft’s flagship is just incredible and has something to compete with. The French launch date of the Surface Laptop is scheduled for June 15, 2017, that is … tomorrow! For this occasion, meltyStyle is back on these four products. No matter how you use your PC or tablet, the four products in the Microsoft range will meet your needs .
If you are a student, Surface Laptop, this new competitor of MacBook Air will surely please you if you are looking for a compromise between high-end and pragmatic. Fast and fluid, it is equipped with the latest tech (Intel Core i5 / 7; Windows 10 S …). Its screen is tactile and its keyboard is covered with alcantara, a waterproof cloth (be careful, we did not say that the keyboard was waterproof!) Which will offer a soft and pleasant touch to your wrists. It will be available in several colors. Starting price: 1149 €.
If you’re looking for a mobile model that’s convenient for your travels and can switch from PC to Tablet mode, Surface Pro is for you. Surface Pro was already unveiling itself in Shanghai , a month ago. With the naked eye, we admit it, we do not notice much difference in front of the Pro 4. Lighter, more practical, it has been optimized to be a 2 in 1 without compromise, and is endowed with the latest processors (15 or 17) and greater autonomy (13 hours). Its price: 949 €, without the keyboard!
The Surface Book i7, already released on April 20, is him, endowed with 16h autonomy. It will be perfect for those looking for better performance. 2 in 1 just like the Laptop, it is even equipped with a full touch screen, a tablet mode and a double battery (one integrated on the keyboard, and the other on the screen). This PC combines comfort and robustness and starts with a price at 1650 € for its model 128 GB, and 3000 balls for the version 1 TB .
If you are looking for an outlet for your creativity, the Surface Studio will make you kiffer ! Its fluidity is unrivaled and its multitasking mode will allow you to be versatile and to run a whole lot of programs rather greedy; From Adobe Premiere, to Autodesk and Photoshop. Featuring an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, an Intel Core 6th generation processor, this model is a monster! It will certainly please designers, graphic designers, architects and budding photographers. If it seduced you, it will be necessary to put the price: 3 549 €. So conquered?