Syngenta must pay prus of $ 218 million

Business 27 June, 2017

Image prйtexte – local Syngenta in Minnesota (United States) (Photo: Keystone)

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A fault?

A jury amйricain has ordonnй Friday а Syngenta to pay 217,7 million dollars а more than 7000 farmers. The group agrochemical bвlois had sold the le mans GMOS not yet autorisй in China, however, the main importing country of cйrйales amйricaines.

This amount only covers compensation. The jury of Kansas City (centre) has not infligй fine а Syngenta, according to court documents.

The company, which, however, remains confrontйe а other action in the name of a collective (class action) in this case, annoncй that he was going to appeal the dйcision. “The farmers amйricains should not rely on a government йtranger for dйcider what products they can use in their fields”, says Syngenta.

The plaintiffs allege that а Syngenta have commercialisй а from 2011 of her seed “Agrisure Viptera” autorisйe in the United States, without ensuring that it could be exportйe on other marchйs. Gold China, a major buyer of cйrйales amйricaines, refusй а from the end of 2013, cargo complutes from the United States, because they contained traces of the mans Viptera.

The group has йgalement sold а from 2013 a second strain of mans GMOS – Agrisure Duracade – that he still waits as Beijing gives it the marketing authorization.

“Good news”

In the first case, when the farmers amйricains have tentй to deliver the marchй chinese in 2013, they have йtй confrontйs the refusal of autoritйs chinese because of the prйsence of Viptera, they say in their complaint. This refusal has entraоnй a fall in the price of le mans, which has causй losses йvaluйes а $ 5 billion а all farmers amйricains of the seed, according to court documents.

It is only since the end of 2014 that Syngenta can export this mans gйnйtiquement modifiй in China. The filiure rйclame of dйdommagements a total 5.77 billion. It is estimated that Syngenta knew that the procйdure marketing authorisation in China would be long. The group would be passй addition.

“This verdict is good news for the farmers of le mans of Kansas and to all the farmers cultivating the mans throughout the country. (They) had йtй seriously affectйs by the dйcisions of Syngenta”, dйclarй Patrick stueve noted, one of the lawyers of the plaintiffs. The group bвlois which will be officially rachetй Monday by the chinese company ChemChina is still coping а of “class action” in seven States: Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio and south Dakota.