Tablets, pens … Will they make us zap the paper and the pen?

Techno 21 June, 2017

Today, the pen has taken on a phenomenal importance in our use of digital. The end of the pen … Myth or reality?
New technologies are flying. Today, with systems like iOS 11 on the iPad Pro 10.5, one wonders whether buying a laptop is still useful . The Ipsos Institute questioned the French about their digital practice, and it can be said that the literary duel VS matheux has a hard life. Whether you’re more like ” Geek ” or rather ” Bed ”, you will not escape the digitization of writing . But are scientists ready for this change? And the literary in all this? MeltyStyle gives you some answers right now.
If the mentees feel ready to give up the pen for the stylus, 80% of the literature is much more shared. But the digitization of the literature is faster than one thinks … In the literary, the pen remains a sure value, the keyboard comes in first position and 36% of them consider switching to the digital pen without problem. Nowadays, the tablets imitate the path of the pen to be mistaken . Is the end of the paper / pen marked?
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With the Surface Pen, we leave our imagination free.
With 1024 pressure points and a wide choice of mines, the new-generation styluses are easily adapted to touch screens such as those in the Surface range . Surface Pen, Apple Pencil … All these technologies allow us to write naturally on our screens like a sheet of paper, while forgetting the constraints and leaving our creativity free. In fact, we could almost do without the paper and the pen … But rest assured, these tools will not disappear overnight! So, rather keyboard, pen or stylus?