Deadpool 2: Who is Domino, the new mutant of the film?

It's official, Domino has finally found his interpreter! But who really is this mutant who is going to take his first steps to the cinema in Deadpool ...

11 March, 2017
X-Force: Deadpool and Cable confirmed at the casting!

An X-Force film is under preparation and Simon Kinberg, the producer in charge of the mutants of the Fox, has just confirmed the presence of Deadpool ...

10 March, 2017
Deadpool 2: The official date of the beginning of the shooting unveiled?

Deadpool fans, your favorite character will be back soon! The date of filming of Deadpool 2 would have been unveiled and it is not far from us.
A ...

23 February, 2017
Deadpool 2: Changes in Cable’s history?

Cable is a character with a particularly complex story, too much to be told completely in Deadpool 2. What changes will be expected in the film?

14 January, 2017