X-Force: Deadpool and Cable confirmed at the casting!

Cinema 10 March, 2017

An X-Force film is under preparation and Simon Kinberg, the producer in charge of the mutants of the Fox, has just confirmed the presence of Deadpool and Cable!
With the release of Logan in the rooms, we had the chance to discover a teaser of Deadpool 2 and force is to realize that it is still as crazy. The super-hero with the hung tongue that was presented to us last year under the guise of Ryan Reynolds has been a great success and everyone is looking forward to the continuation of his adventures. And we are pleased to announce today that it will continue well after Deadpool 2 ! The actor had announced a year ago that he would make an X-Force film, the mutant team responsible for the secretly morally questionable missions to which the protégés of Charles Xavier do not want to rub themselves. And now it has become a reality. He is currently co-writing the film with Joe Carnahan, and Simon Kinberg, the screenwriter of everything related to the Fox mutants, announced the news while confirming the presence of Deadpool and Cable in the movie. Speaking of the future projects of the Fox, Simon Kinberg indeed mentioned the film X-Force, “with Deadpool alongside Cable and other main characters”.
Originally , in the comics, the team counts among its members Domino, which was announced to the casting of Deadpool 2 , Big Bang, Cannonball, Feral, Warpath and Shatterstar. Later, Wolverine and X-23 also joined them. But with the arrival of Deadpool, we imagine that the Fox has planned some modifications. X-23, introduced in Logan , could therefore be, like Negasonic Warhead and Colossus, introduced in Deadpool . As for the tone of the film, do not worry, it will be of the same order as Deadpool and Logan . “The successes of Deadpool and Logan have reinforced our desire to make films darker, more daring, more adult and more provocative. The X-Force will be like the Black Ops of the X-Men, in much darker and with a tone R ” , thus teased Simon Kinberg. That promises! Unfortunately, the release of the film is not for immediate. Deadpool 2 must be finished first. In the meantime, find out who could play Cable in the next Deadpool adventures! And what do you think of this new project?