Tesla delivers its Model 3 while it is at the end of life

Avto 17 December, 2017
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    Germain Goyer

    Thursday, 14 December, 2017 16:30

    Thursday, 14 December, 2017 16:30

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    Tesla has struggled to meet production timelines of the Model 3. All the world knows, and the idea is not to type once more on the nail.

    At this time, pretty much only the employees have managed to get their hands on their Model 3 ordered there are moons already.

    For a member of the Tesla Motors Club known under the pseudonym “Graniteds”, receive his Model 3 was the last thing he had to accomplish before they die. It is important to understand that this man is suffering from a terminal cancer, and that the predictions of the most optimistic were predicting his death before the delivery of his car. And he did not hesitate to state it clearly on the forum of this club.

    3) I asked @DevinaKSingh, a friend who works for Tesla & owns a Model 3, if she’d show off her car so he could experience it at least. On 11/25, she was at his house, insisting he drive the car hard. (Check the Tesla grin.) pic.twitter.com/5mIEQs1Hle

    — Bonnie Norman (@bonnienorman)
    December 13, 2017

    His message has not fallen on deaf ears. In fact, another member, Bonnie Norman, has taken the initiative to make contact with someone who had already taken possession of the Model 3. This moment has been an opportunity for him to drive the car that represented for him the ultimate dream.

    But this is not all. The snowball effect occurred, and at Tesla, it was decided to make an extra effort to deliver him his car before it is no longer of this world, this is what we learned Electrek.

    In short, yesterday, this man was able to tick the last item of his list of things to do before you die, taking the keys to his Model 3. For the occasion, John McNeil, president of sales and service at Tesla, offered him a guided tour of the facilities of the company. It was definitely a Christmas gift that he’s not about to forget.

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    7) Oh! And he and his wife have their new Model 3. Lots of tears around. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. My heart is full. Thanks everyone @Tesla. Thanks especially to @DevinaKSingh and @jonmcneill . We make an awesome team. pic.twitter.com/QChhxKX8hV

    — Bonnie Norman (@bonnienorman)
    December 13, 2017