Tesla is maintaining its production targets for the Model 3

Avto 8 February, 2018
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    Wednesday, February 7, 2018 19:23

    Wednesday, February 7, 2018 19:23

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    Tesla has maintained Wednesday its objectives of production of the Model 3, the electric car in front of the transform in manufacturer of vehicles in the series, claiming to have made progress in resolving its manufacturing problems.

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    If the manufacturer of electric vehicles has suffered the biggest quarterly loss of its history in the fourth quarter, however, he burned a lot less money than feared in the financial circles.

    After having pushed back several times its production targets to the point of frustrating even his most ardent defenders, Tesla wanted to be reassuring.

    It will indeed produce 5,000 copies of the Model 3 a week at the end of the second quarter and 2 500 per week during the current quarter.

    The group’s flamboyant Elon Musk has even wanted to optimistic, suggesting that the initial goal of 10,000 units per month was not out of reach in the medium term.

    “We intend to add enough capacity to reach the rate of 10,000 units per week Model 3 (products) once we have crossed the threshold of 5 000 per week,” says Tesla.

    The Model 3 is a sedan of mid-range, sold 35 000 us dollars and the order book is full. It is supposed to transform Tesla into a mass builder with a target of 500 000 cars produced at all this year, compared to a little over 100 000 last year.

    In addition to the production of the Model 3, the financial markets seemed to appreciate the fact that Tesla has burned less money than feared at the time the builder is full of projects including the launch soon of a semi-trailer truck is electric and its network of reloading stations.

    Side results, Tesla has suffered a quarterly net loss of 675,4 million, a record. But reported by action and non-recurring items it is not apparent that to 3.04 dollars compared to 3,12 dollars expected on average by the markets.

    The quarterly turnover rose by 44% to $ 3.3 billion due to a 35% jump in deliveries of vehicles.