Tesla stays away from the French

Avto 18 August, 2017
  • Jacques Duval

    Thursday, 17 August, 2017 09:38

    Thursday, 17 August, 2017 09:38

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    Despite a notable success and relevant sales in Quebec, the us brand of electric cars, Tesla continues to snub the French in the software used for the voice guidance, satellite, or even for the use of the phone, who only responds to commands in English. And this both on the sedan Model S, the utility sport Model X.

    The parent company of Tesla in Toronto has received numerous complaints to this effect, but the results are always the same. “We take good note of your remarks, point to the line. At the headquarters of Tesla, rue Ferrier in Montreal, the stubbornness of the brand is the same. Renaud Bérubé, the director, renewed a similar message, but nothing moves, despite his personal efforts to correct this deficiency.

    The specialist Internet site “Drive electric” has pointed out this problem repeatedly, but it seems that the admiration buyers from Tesla for its electric cars and to be more strong than their conviction of the importance of French in the language spoken in Quebec.


    The proof can be seen in comments such as these extracts from the text of the “Drive electric” on the gravity of the situation. “Tesla’s lack of respect towards its customers and this is all the more reprehensible that the information already exists on the market in France where the Tesla’s are sold”. This corresponding raises the size of the problem. It would be easy for Tesla to make the small changes needed to take account of small differences or expressions that are used in other French speaking markets. An owner of Tesla, Pierre Champoux, promises not to buy Tesla for as long as this policy is incomprehensible will be in force. He adds: “I have written several times to the company to complain and we did not even had the courtesy to answer me. This same individual suggested that flood the company “tweets” in order to show their discontent.


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    It would be expected that the Office of the French language also manifests his presence. The only glimmer of hope in the end comes to the appointment of a new director general of Tesla in Canada, Mr. Lenny Jones, who, according to a reliable source, is aware of the ire of the owners and promises to take things into your own hands. To do this, a member of the Club Tesla says: “it’s been 5 years that we are singing the same song and nothing changes.”

    Mr. Musk ignores perhaps the existence of the French.