The 10 cars least expensive to 2018

Avto 20 February, 2018
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Monday, 19 February 2018 14:49

    Monday, 19 February 2018 14:49

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    It’s expensive, a new car. Except that merely of the versions of the entry-level range, it is possible to get a vehicle brand new for the price of a used vehicle.

    Here is the list of 10 new vehicles, the least expensive in the country for 2018.


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    Ford Focus – 16 178$


    In the category of compact cars, the Ford Focus remains a choice rather affordable, with a starting price of 16 178 $. In fact, it is difficult to justify why the Focus is less expensive than the little Fiesta. Funny decision-marketing at Ford…

    Hyundai Elantra – 15 999$


    Sedan, very popular in Quebec, the Elantra remains a solid value at a price really be interesting. To 15 999 $, you have the right to a manual transmission, six-speed, and heated front seats.

    Mazda3 – 15 900$


    Always in the world of the compact sedan, the Mazda 3 is also one of the darlings of the Quebec year after year. With a design as successful and a starting price of 15 900 $, you don’t have to explain why.

    Nissan Sentra – 15 898$


    Unchanged compared to the model of 2017, the Sentra 2018 continues to be available at 15 898 $. It’s quite a compact sedan, the least expensive in the country.

    Honda Fit – 15 190$


    This is not because it is small it is not practical. Providing a loading space frankly impressive despite its size, the Honda Fit is also one of the new cars the most affordable on the market.

    Hyundai Accent – 14 499$


    Completely renewed by 2018, the Hyundai Accent is now longer, higher and wider. Hyundai Canada has still not formalised the base price of this new Focus 2018, but it was confirmed that the latter will turn at around 14 499 $.

    Nissan Versa Note – 14 498$


    A little bigger than a Micra, but smaller than a Sentra, the Nissan Versa Note continues to roll its way to the country, to the delight of motorists on a smaller budget. With its starting price just below the bar of 15 000 $.

    Mitsubishi Mirage – 12 448$


    In its variant hatch, the tiny and very rudimentary Mitsubishi Mirage is offered at a base price enticing 12-448 $. I don’t know why, the sedan version, the G4, is, however, available from 16 748 $.

    Chevrolet Spark – 11 945$


    At Chevrolet, the Spark is also the desire of the consumers with its very low price of 11 945 $. The small city car is distinguished by petrol consumption combined city/highway 6.0 L/100 km, courtesy of its small four-cylinder engine of 1.4-litre.

    Nissan Micra – 9988$


    The Nissan Micra retains its price 9988 $ to 2018, remaining at the same time the new car is the cheapest in the country. With the Micra, Versa Note and the Sentra, Nissan alone accounts for three of the ten cars are the least expensive on the market.

    This list is based on the retail prices suggested by the manufacturers (MSRP). The prices indicated are those displayed by the car manufacturers at the time of upload and are subject to change.