The 10 cities with the most congested in the world

Avto 1 March, 2018
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018 14:00

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018 14:00

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    Traffic congestion is a scourge in urban areas. And even if the situation is far from perfect in Montreal, a small simple comparison confirms that it could definitely be worse.

    According to the latest study by Inrix, an institute whose mission is to analyze the traffic congestion in more than 1,300 cities across the world, Montreal is the place where people spend the most time in traffic in Canada. On a global scale, our largest city is at the 38th rank.

    Here, according to a study from Inrix, the 10 cities that have the worst traffic congestion across the world in 2017.

    10. Atlanta, United States



    The capital of Georgia, just North of Florida, is part of one of the worst cities in terms of circulation. Last year, motorists were spending on average 70 hours in situations of traffic congestion.

    9. Iourga, Russia



    Despite its population of less than 100,000 inhabitants, the Russian city of Yurga is so congested that motorists are spending on average 71 hours in traffic in 2017.

    8. Magnitogorsk, Russia



    In Russia, the industrial city, Magnitogorsk is a real hell in the car. Last year, according to data collected by Inrix, drivers have spent an average of 73 hours in traffic.

    7. London, England



    Not surprisingly, the capital of England is one of the worst cities of the world where travel by car. Despite the many efforts made by leaders to limit the flow of cars in between and out of this, London has seen its motorists spend an average of 74 hours in traffic congestion in 2017.

    6. Bogota, Colombia



    Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is little better than London with an average of 75 hours spent in traffic in 2017.

    5. San Francisco, United States



    Known for its hills and beautiful scenery, San Francisco is not paradise for everyone. In the car, with an average of 79 hours in traffic last year, it can quickly become frustrating.

    4. Sao Paulo, Brazil



    Among the Brazilians, the city of Sao Paulo is by far the most congested in the country. With 85 hours spent in situations of traffic congestion in 2017, motorists have reason to complain.

    3. New York, United States



    Not too far from our home, the great city of New York is of course part of the list with an average of 91 hours spent in traffic in 2017. If you are already visited by car, you’re probably not surprised.

    2. Moscow, Russia



    Back in Russia, the capital of the largest country in the world imitates New York with 91 hours spent in traffic on average. It in fact, Lada!

    1. Los Angeles, United States



    Los Angeles, this is not the beaches and palm trees. It is also a city excessively extended-filled highways. And very often, these highways are full to the brim. Motorists in the great city of california, spent a dismal average of 102 hours in traffic congestion in 2017. When one compares…

    To note that several cities in Asia, particularly in India and China, are not part of the study from Inrix. Several south american countries such as Argentina, Chile and Peru are also excluded.