The 10 models most sought after by Quebec in 2017

Avto 17 December, 2017
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 14:56

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 14:56

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    Another year is about to end and the hour is already on the balance sheet.

    In AutoHebdo, we have compiled the research of consumers in québec in order to check which models have been the most popular over the last year. Here is what it gives.

    10. Jeep Wrangler


    The Jeep Wrangler is a dream with its iconic style and its abilities off-road legendary. It is necessary to believe that it pique the curiosity of Quebecers, because the Wrangler has its place among the 10 models with the most sought-after of the year on AutoHebdo.

    9. Jeep Grand Cherokee


    Still in Jeep, the Grand Cherokee also has his place among the ranking of AutoHebdo. It is the largest SUV of the range Jeep.

    8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class


    Obviously, the Quebecois have a penchant for luxury when it comes time to shop for a car. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is found in the eighth position of the list, is a good example.

    7. Honda CR-V


    The Honda CR-V has no need for presentations. For more than 20 years, this SUV in compact format artfully combines reliability, versatility and low fuel consumption. Not surprising that it was as much sought by internet users in quebec.

    6. Mazda3


    The Mazda3 is also a good figure in Quebec with a sixth position in the research on AutoHebdo. In the new state, the Mazda3 of 2018, is sold from 15 900$.

    5 Porsche 911


    Obviously, there are a few dreamers who ply the pages of AutoHebdo! The Porsche 911 is irresistible to lovers of performance, but its sale price makes it unfortunately inaccessible to many people. It does not prevent users to do a bit of window-shopping!

    4. Ford F-150


    For the whole of Canada, the Ford F-150 was the vehicle of the most searched on the platform of AutoHebdo, for a third year in a row. In Quebec, the full-size truck to us, however, must settle for the fourth position.

    3. Ford Mustang


    A true legend on four wheels, the Ford Mustang remains to this day one of the sports cars the most affordable on the market. Not surprising that it is found as high up in the top searches of AutoHebdo.

    2. BMW 3 Series


    Like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class a little higher, the presence of the BMW 3 Series on the podium of this list shows the interest of quebec motorists about the products of luxury.

    1. Honda Civic


    Quebec is the only province in the country in which the Honda Civic has won the title of vehicle the most sought-after in 2017. At the national level, the compact japanese takes on the fourth level behind the BMW 3 Series, the Ford Mustang and the Ford F-150.