The 12 vehicles favorite of baby boomers

Avto 21 July, 2017
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    Germain Goyer

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 16:27

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 16:27

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    We only have one life to live, and that, the baby boomers, have understood for a long time. Born between 1945 and 1960, they are mostly now retired. Here are some of their vehicles favorite. To be taken with a grain of salt!

    Mazda Miata and MX-5



    It is not only pensions that are golden. The MX-5 in the early 2000s could be too! Launched in 1989, the magical recipe behind this little go-kart is still the same.

    Chrysler Sebring



    Spacious, comfortable, and not at all sporty, and very affordable on the used market, the Sebring is very popular with baby boomers. It is similar to the one that succeeded him : the 200.

    Porsche Boxster



    Entrance door of the Stuttgart manufacturer, the Boxster allows many boomers to achieve their goal of owning a

    Chevrolet Impala



    Last car to be able to be equipped with a bench seat in the front, the Chevrolet Impala ninth generation is the car par excellence, down to Florida and spend the winter.


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    Freedom 55 offers many advantages, such as being able to go on an adventure behind the wheel of an RV. The
    Westfalia have the odds for young people who live
    vanlife, but as the years pass, the more comfort becomes a necessity.

    Lincoln MKZ



    Compared to Cadillac which has put the emphasis on the athlete of the brand, Lincoln has continued to design vehicles as before : a glut of luxury and comfort. While recovering platforms of Ford.

    Chevrolet Camaro



    Having experienced the flourishing period of the muscle cars, the baby-boomers were more than thrilled when Chevrolet gave a second breath to the Camaro in 2010. And many are spoiled!

    BMW Z3



    And a convertible! It is, in any way, the Miata for the more affluent.

    Ford Mustang



    When Ford proposed a great retro look to his Mustang from 2005, it has set in the thousand. The baby boomers have been instantly won over.

    Mercedes-Benz SL



    On the used market, there may be interesting offers. By opting for a German like the one above, it is necessary, however, to be ready to bow to the rigorous maintenance that it will require.

    Chevrolet Corvette



    The baby boomers have for the most part known in the Corvette since its inception. Have a copy of this living legend is often a child’s dream is finally realized.

    Can-Am Spyder



    Thanks to its three wheels, it is many times easier for the driver to remain in balance. It has been designed specifically for baby boomers.