The 15 cars that people keep for longer

Avto 11 January, 2018
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    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 12:22

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    The site has compiled a list of the top vehicles that owners have a tendency to keep to 15 years or more.

    If the original owners retain their vehicles so long, we can imagine that their level of satisfaction is high.

    The study was carried out in 2017 with 650 000 owners of vehicles sold between 1981 and 2002. On average, 6.8% of owners still have their vehicle 15 years after you bought it new.

    Given that the study was conducted in the United States, it may be that the canadian reality is a little different.

    15. Volkswagen Golf – 10.6 Per Cent



    The compact hatchback of Volkswagen is the only representative of the european continent in this list. It would be curious to know where is positioned the Jetta compared to the Golf.

    14. Nissan Frontier – 11,0%


    Although it is far from being the pick-up, as the more sold, the Frontier was obviously loyal to its owners, who are, many still have it 15 years later. Interestingly, no pick-up in america has managed to climb in this list.

    13. Subaru Forester – 11,5%


    Thanks to its format interesting and all-wheel-drive, the Forester has been able to appeal to a customer base that continues to appreciate even long after the warranty is finished.

    12. Toyota Camry – 11,5%


    Deemed to be boring to death, the Camry is also a symbol of reliability. This is no doubt due to this second factor as she got her place here.

    11. Acura MDX – 11,6%


    Marketed for the first time at the turn of the millennium, the MDX was a first trial balloon, in the world of sport utility vehicles. Like many vehicles, the long-term reliability is one of its great strengths.

    10. Toyota Avalon – 11,7%


    Even more spacious and comfortable than the Camry, the Avalon has managed to conquer mainly a customer of the third age. More popular in the United States than this side of the border, there is doubt that it has been a part of this list if it had been done in Canada.

    9. Honda CR-V – 11,9%


    Honda has made the leap into the world of the compact SUV in the middle of the years ‘ 90 with the CR-V and this boldness has paid off for the japanese manufacturer. Even today, the CR-V is one of the leaders within its class.

    8. Toyota Tacoma – 12,4 %


    Recognized for being indestructible, the Tacoma is evolving without requiring too much attention and we can safely say that it appeals to buyers of this model.

    7. Toyota Sequoia – 12,8%


    These full-size SUVS have greater rating in the United States than in Canada. We can imagine that he would not have figured in this list had it been made here.

    6. Honda Odyssey – 12,8%


    Although it has been equipped with sliding doors that from 1998 on, the Odyssey has been able to please their buyers.

    5. Toyota RAV4 – 14,3%


    Just before the CR-V is launched, Toyota has plunged into the segment of compact SUV with the RAV4. Just like its competitor from Honda, the RAV4 is still a reference.

    4. Toyota Prius – 15,0%


    The general public was very skeptical when the hybrid technology has emerged at the turn of the years 2000. There is no doubt that those who have bought a Prius have been satisfied overall.

    3. Toyota Tundra – 15,7%


    Although the pick-ups u.s. are the Ford F-Series, Ram and Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra may be the most popular, their owners keep them visibly less long than those of the Tundra.

    2. Toyota Sienna – 17,1%


    The Odyssey and the Sienna are the only two minivans on the list. It would have been more than astonishing to find the Dodge Grand Caravan…

    1. Toyota Highlander – 18,3%



    If there’s a vehicle that has no flavor, it is the Toyota Highlander. But he does everything we ask him and there is no doubt that it appeals to its buyers.