The 15 safest vehicles in 2018, according to the IIHS

Avto 13 December, 2017
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    Germain Goyer

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 14:48

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 14:48

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    Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gives its list of safest vehicles.

    For the year 2018, it has granted the palm Top Safety Pick+ with only fifteen vehicles, which are divided into four segments. For this year, this american organization promoting the message of road safety has added two criteria to be significant in its assessments : the quality of the headlights as well as the protection of the passenger in case of accident of type overlap to the front of the passenger side.

    Interestingly, we note that the Hyundai/Genesis, Kia, Subaru and Mercedes-Benz stand out largely in terms of security with the presence of more than one vehicle within this list.

    Compact cars

    Kia Forte


    It was rated “acceptable” for the accident type overlap at the front of the passenger side as well as for the user-friendliness of the anchor a child seat. For all other criteria, she had the note “good”.


    Kia Soul


    The Kia Soul has achieved exactly the same results as the Strong.


    Subaru Impreza


    Like a true champion, she has obtained the rating “good” for all criteria and this, as much for the sedan to the hatchback.


    Subaru WRX


    Without surprise, the WRX, which shares much of its components with the Impreza, has illustrated it too. However, the IIHS gave the rating of “acceptable” for the user-friendliness of the anchor a child seat.


    Intermediate cars

    Subaru Legacy


    Like the Impreza, Legacy displays a newsletter without blame.


    Subaru Outback


    Built on the same database as the Legacy, it is no surprise that the Outback gets the perfect rating for each of the points evaluated.


    Toyota Camry


    The Camry can’t claim to be a car intoxicating, but at least she is safe and she can fart the straps with its balance sheet without blame.


    Luxury cars full-size

    BMW 5 Series


    The big sister of the 3-Series has only one flaw in the security: user-friendliness of the anchor a child seat.


    Genesis G80


    This luxury division of Hyundai offers, for the moment, only two sedans: the G80 and G90. The shorter of the two, the G80 is very safe with as the only complaint is the ease of use of the anchor a child seat that the IIHS has called “marginal”. It is to be noted that the G70 has not yet been evaluated.


    Genesis G90


    The verdict is almost identical, with the exception of the user-friendliness of the anchor a child seat that is, this time, “acceptable”.


    Lincoln Continental


    The leaf of road of the Lincoln Continental is a real copied and pasted from the Genesis G90.


    Mercedes-Benz E-Class


    The E-Class is not only elegant, it is also an extremely safe and gets the green light from the IIHS in terms of the all evaluated criteria.


    Sport utility vehicles, intermediate

    Hyundai Santa Fe


    This SUV the Hyundai brand has earned a rating of “acceptable” for the two new evaluation criteria of the IIHS.


    Hyundai Santa Fe Sport


    Similar to the Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Sport has, obviously, a ballot identical.


    Sport-utility vehicles in the mid-luxury

    Mercedes-Benz GLC



    Almost flawless, the IIHS only being charged the GLC for the user-friendliness of the anchor a child seat that she qualifies as”acceptable”.