The Batman: The studios very excited by the version of Matt Reeves

Cinema 3 July, 2017

Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, has good news to announce! The studios would apparently be very excited by the version of the film he proposed to them!

If you are a fan of the vigilante of Gotham and you have followed the progress of his film solo, you are necessarily aware that the latter has experienced some … difficulties. But the last couple of months, things seem to have calmed down a little, The Batman having found his new director in the person of Matt Reeves, to whom we owe the last two opus reboot of The Planet of the Apes. So we give back a lot of confidence in the project! For the director is not only FAN of the character of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego to the black cape but he also intends to return to the sources of the hero. And apparently, the idea pleases Warner Bros! Or at least that’s what Matt Reeves himself could understand from the comments the studios were able to make him when he picketed his idea of ​​the film. The director explained in an interview for Variety: “I have never worked with them before, but until now we have had good contact. When I explained to them what I wanted to do, they Looked really excited. ”

Matt Reeves has only worked with one big studio, the Fox, which for Planet of the Apes has left him free to do what he wants. So he never had to compromise to finish his films, his other feature, Cloverfield, was produced by Bad Robots, the company of J.J Abrams. And given the quality of his work, it is hoped that the same will happen on The Batman, whose director has already set the tone. Fortunately for us, therefore, it seems that Warner Bros. is willing to let him work as he wishes. He told Variety, “I have only worked with the Fox so it will be a new experience for me. I am very happy to say that so far they have been very excited by what I suggest, and I imagine that if we ever find ourselves in a dead end, we will solve the problem one way or another, and I have a very positive impression on that. ” Well, the meltynauts, let’s cross the fingers so that it lasts and so that Matt Reeves can make the film he wants to do!