The champion gets a makeover

Avto 5 February, 2018
  • Photo courtesy, Hyundai
    Hyundai launches its fifth generation of sub-compact cars by 2018. This new Focus adopts the new forms, which equate it to other sedans of the mark.

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    Sunday, February 4, 2018 19:05

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 19:05

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    Even if their sales are down, small cars still have the rating in Canada, especially in Quebec. Among these, the Hyundai Accent, which proves to be the most popular of all, is undergoing a redesign for 2018.

    In Canada, the Hyundai Accent is a champion. In 2017, this subcompact car has been the favorite of its class in the dust by far its largest rival, the Nissan Versa Note. For each Nissan, Hyundai sells two Focus. The little Korean was also included among the 15 cars the most sold in the country. At the end of the year, it was ranked as the 12th in this category, only a limited success, however, since this score indicates a descent major compared to the previous year that it had completed the 8th grade.

    The arrival of a new generation of Accent in dealerships (the fifth since 1994) wakes it up, without a doubt, the interest of consumers in respect of it, to a certain extent at least. Because at its sides, in the showrooms, potential buyers will also see the new utility Kona (see box), a new addition, which risk fragmenting the sales of this car, sub-compact, especially those of the Focus 5-door.

    The constructor implementation, however, has the aspect of novelty of the Emphasis in 2018, which adopts a look evocative of the very popular Elantra. The profile of this model changes little, if not more shapes carved in its flanks and wheels 15 and 17-inch, which replace those of 14 and 16 inches, which served to Focus 2017. The light clusters front and rear are also more enveloping. But it is above all through the front part of this car that you will recognise it. His hood plunging remodeled and its new front grille flared and prominent, decked out in a grid in a cascade, give him a distinct personality ; a look that relates it clearly to the other sedans of the mark.

    For its part, the Accent GLS, the more stylish of the range, is distinguished from other versions by its headlamps in the drop of water with daytime running lights-LED, and its bigger wheels (17-inch this year) ; two equipment which is dedicated to this high-end version, just like in 2017.

    The dimensions of this car also show that it changes little compared to the model it replaces. The wheelbase has lengthened by 10 mm, the height remains unchanged, while the width increases to 29 mm. In addition, the sedan is longer by 10 mm and the 5-doors of 70 mm. Finally, the ground clearance, which was reduced to 10 mm, facilitates boarding.

    Photo courtesy, Hyundai

    Inside the Hyundai Accent 2018, we see a dashboard is modernized with, in the case of versions-GL and GLS, a touch screen of 7 inches.

    Two bodies

    In Canada, the Emphasis is in the form of a classic sedan and a hatchback, a body type that our neighbors us have chosen not to renew in 2018.

    The sedan is available in three versions (GL and GLS), then there exists a fourth for the 5-doors. It is the Accent L, the version is the least equipped of the lot ; a version that allows Hyundai to offer a Focus cheap able to compete with the versions of the entry-level Versa Note, Fiesta, Sonic, and the like, available from approximately $ 14,000 (at the time of writing these lines, the manufacturer had not announced the prices of the Accent in 2018).

    The powertrain of the new Focus is well known. As for the 2017 model, it is a motor Gamma, a 4-cylinder 1.6 L direct injection. The manufacturer claims to have revised to make it more economic and better suited to “the conduct of all days” (read : city driving). This engine produces 132 horsepower and 119 lb-ft, 7 hp and 4 lb-ft less than the model after 2017. On the other hand, the changes made provide with 4.6 % more torque from 1 500 r/min, which makes it a tad more dashing in a start-stopped. His times would also be more vivid. The manufacturer also states that the acceleration from 40 to 80 km/h and 80 to 120 km/h would have decreased respectively by 0.2 and 1.3 s compared to the previous model.

    More energy-efficient

    You can bet that any buyer of the Emphasis that 2018 will not attempt to validate these figures. By contrast, consumption of this powertrain modernized, which would be less energy-intensive, the interest is without a doubt more. Figures published by natural Resources Canada confirms : the average consumption of the Focus 2018 would have decreased by 6 %, and dust, and this regardless of the gearbox chosen.

    This engine can be paired to a manual gearbox or automatic, both with six reports. A few details, it is a question of boxes that were offered for Focus 2017.

    The automatic transmission of the sedan GLS that we tested proved to be particularly flexible and soft. This is not a box with a continuous variation as that of the Nissan Versa Note, which requires increases in irritant of plans when it is in the effort. In addition, the Focus of THE GL and GLS versions to which the automatic transmission is offered, have a system for the selection of the driving mode, which modulates the performance of the powertrain and the calibration of the power steering in one of two modes : Normal and Sport.

    Photo courtesy, Hyundai

    The trunk of the Focus of 2018 has a volume comparable to that of its rivals. A bench with folders, retractable 60/40 (standard) allows you to extend the loading surface of the need.

    Spacious and assembly with care, the Accent will surprise you with its level of soundproofing and its smooth ride. One is also surprised to discover an endowment also expanded in the sedan GLS. In fact, in addition to having a roof opening glass, a leather-wrapped steering wheel heated, a starter push-button and an automatic air conditioner, this version is also supplied with a device for autonomous emergency braking and a warning of frontal collision is imminent. It lacks only a leather upholstery ! This is in addition to equipment such as, for example, heated front seats, a tilt-telescoping steering wheel, and a multimedia screen touch 7-inch incorporating CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto that are also part of the endowment of the Accent GL.

    In short, the Focus of 2018 has what it takes to please a good number of buyers : young people who are looking for a small car solid with a good move of the steering wheel, with which one weaves his way skilfully in a downtown congested, or even those older couples who are in need of a car, economic and easy to park in the garage close to a condominium. Let us not forget, finally, that, like other products of Hyundai, the Accent is covered by one of the best programs of safeguards including, among other things, a base warranty of 5 years or 100 000 km. A feature that could tip the scales in his favor.

    Kona, the nightmare of the Focus hatchback

    Photo courtesy, Hyundai

    Hyundai Kona 2018

    The range Hyundai has been enriched with a new model : Kona 2018, a utility sub-compact that takes as its title the name of a coastal region is a popular tourist destination of the Big Island of Hawaii.

    The Kona will be the fourth utility of the brand with the Tucson, the Santa Fe Sport and Santa Fe XL. It will allow Hyundai to compete in a niche that is growing, in which several models rivals (Chevrolet Trax, Subaru Crosstrek, Mazda CX-3, etc) ; utilities sub-compact that more than 80 000 Canadians have chosen in 2017.

    The current market trend shows that more and more buyers are opting for utilities, large or small, instead of cars. The sales figures for 2017 confirmed : sales of sub-compact cars, like the Focus, have declined 21.5 %, while the utilities sub-compact have increased 24.3 %. This trend will certainly the Kona, but undoubtedly to the detriment of the Focus hatchback.

    Two engines 4-cylinder engines will be offered for this novelty : an atmospheric 2.0 L, delivering 147 hp and 132 lb-ft, and a turbocharged 1.6 L producing 175 hp and 195 lb-ft. The Kona will be on sale at the end of winter or early spring.

    Hyundai Accent

    Base price (2017)

    • 13 899 $ (4p and 5p (L);
    • 16 449 $ (4p and 5p);
    • 16 749 $ (5p GL BVM);
    • 17 999 $ (4p and 5p GL, PVA);
    • 18 599 $ (4p and 5p);
    • 19 899 $ (4p and 5p GLS).

    Transport and preparation

    1 605 $


    L4 DOHC, 1.6 L, 130 hp at 6 300 rpm, 119 lb-ft at 4 850 r/min. Manual gearbox or 6-speed automatic. Front-wheel drive.


    Independent Suspension to the front wheels; torsion bar at the rear. Disc brakes to the front wheels and drum brakes to the rear wheels (L, and GL); disc brakes on all four wheels (GLS). Anti-lock braking system series. Tires : P185/65R15 (L, and GL); P205/45R17 (GLS).


    Wheelbase : 2 580 mm; length : 4 385 mm; width : 1 729 mm; height : 1 450 mm. Weight : 1 135-1 650 kg. Tank Volume : 45 litres. Trunk Volume : 387 L (sedan). Average consumption (testing; BVA, winter) : 8.4 L/100 km.


    Chevrolet Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Kia Rio, Mitsubishi Mirage, Nissan Micra, Nissan Versa Note, Toyota Yaris sedan, Toyota Yaris Hatchback


    • Spacious interior
    • Automatic transmission fresh
    • Agile in the city

    Weak Points

    • Rear brakes-drums (L and GL)
    • Steering wheel is not telescopic (L)
    • No cruise control (L)