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Techno 2 April, 2018

2018-04-02 16:33

The esoteric meaning of Easter!
The concept of the Easter celebration precedes the Catholic tradition.

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Easter marks the end of an old – old tradition, the old paradigm, the old belief system and all that is old and degraded in our lives. As well as entry into new. The rebirth of our world. And our souls, reports Rus.Media.

Easter, usually very close to the equinox, the day that is considered very strong as astrological and esoteric point of view. Esoterically, this day marked a huge energy spout. But only some have the opportunity to fully realize their potential during this period.

But these energies are still strong and have the potential to change the lives of believers and non-believers. Thus, this day is very important if you want to make changes in your life.

They say that the Archangel Raphael is watching the events of this period. He is also a guardian, who watches over the Holy Grail. In General, it’s time to look deep into your soul and reflect on the good and bad moments of your life. Look into your soul and pay attention to things that require improvement.

Astrologically, Easter marks the beginning of a new year. This is a celebration still many ancient practices such as Wicca, a shaman, and, of course, spirituality. For example, in the esoteric traditions this is the time to pursue the truth and power and wisdom and everything connected with it, mercy and peace.

Easter is the perfect time to seek its spiritual elevation, because the whole world is full of high vibrations. Easter is also a celebration of spring and nature and renewal of life.

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