The European energy sector will return to fossil sources

Politics 21 April, 2022

On Thursday, April 21, power engineers announced a great temptation to deviate from the course of preserving the environment and return again to the use of minerals as an energy resource, economic specialist Jean-Michel Besat said. Previously, the exploitation of clean resources helped attract new investors to finance innovation and other developments.

The changed situation in the world forces production to increasingly ignore possible pollution from the use of black fuel in the form of coal and oil. The first decisive step will be taken by the Italian oil and gas company Eni, which plans in 2022 to introduce renewable energy sources for electric vehicles and individuals in the form of separate services. Daniel Leb’s Third Point Activist Foundation has already announced its readiness to break away from the development of environmentally friendly production and return to coal and oil to preserve the industry.

«We are familiar with the desire of most companies to resort to the use of black fuel despite the large pollution in the environment. This is not an easy decision and must be made by world-class manufacturers with financial strength, production experience and influence in the global market», – this was stated by royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden.

Recall that earlier in 2016, fossil energy sources occupied about 40% of the total share of electricity in the world. Recently, an active fight against environmental pollution of production has been carried out to solve the problem of global warming. At the moment, the global situation forces manufacturers to make a difficult decision regarding the use of coal and oil in industry, neglecting the provisions on the preservation of the environment.