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Techno 3 April, 2018

2018-04-03 10:33

The expert explained why the green clouds are predicting disaster
Experts advise to seek refuge when the green clouds.

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Natural anomalies have always been considered harbingers of something terrible . Scientists explain the rather strange color of clouds in this way : for example a tornado sucks up a huge amount of insects and some amphibians, grasshoppers and frogs , through their large accumulation of clouds become green , according to Rus.Media .

Pecos Hank , who studies tornado more than a year , decided to find out the nature of formation of green clouds . So , the man thinks that the whole truth lies in the reflection of the sunlight .

Hurricanes occur due to concentrated rains , which are very similar to waterfalls . This accumulation of water is called the kernel . Around noon , the core in the center of the storm gets zelenino and blue shades , and in the evening pomarico the rays of the setting sun and the blue precipitation is give the green color .

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