The Handmaid’s Tale: Is the new Hulu series worth a detour? Our verdict!

Cinema 27 April, 2017

A big yes! Intrigue relevant, staged staging, casting 5 stars … We explain why The Handmaid’s Tale should quickly be part of your favorites.
It was announced that The Handmaid’s Tale is part of the series to start this week and it is Hulu who proposed yesterday the first three episodes of this novelty. Adapted from the eponymous novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale begins well and well and you have understood it: it is recommended to you warmly. Today we propose a verdict without spoilers with a small reminder of the pitch for those who disembark. The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian series that presents us with a world with a new established order relying heavily on religion . History takes place in the United States, In a future where ecological disasters have had such an impact on humans that women have become largely infertile. To remedy this, the few “elected” still able to have children, the “Handmaiden”, are distributed in the homes of the highest placed men to allow them to have a descendants. Besides this, the strictest austerity prevails and the lives of most citizens are regulated by the higher authorities. Fun fun fun . Austerity the strictest rule and the life of most citizens is regulated by the higher authorities. Fun fun fun .
Ok, the pitch does not give you the particular desire to dive into it. And yet. The heroine of the series, called “Offred”, of “of Fred” since his master is called Fred Waterford, introduces us to this gray world with a welcome sarcasm and a voice-over that accompanies us throughout the episodes. His insolent and liberated thoughts bring a touch of striking realism and allow us to easily identify ourselves to her . The central theme of the appropriation of the body of the woman is so pertinent at a time when presidential candidates are still dangerously oscillating towards the prohibition of abortion or the diminution of women’s rights over their bodies. In the series, the woman’s body is only a vessel, As highlighted by the ritualized rapes supposed to repopulate the country and counteract the wave of infertility caused by ecological disasters. Offred has nothing, not even his name.
She has no right to read, to learn, to own money or to make a decision. The woman is there to reproduce, her body lensed to the extreme in a scenario that is cold in the back but also causes the right questions to ask. Because we can criticize, but we, in life, are we not always also dictating to women what to do with their bodies? On the form, the series plays on the colors with marked vivacity and clarity in the “normal” front world while Offred’s present has lost its colors as its flavor with bland and past hues.
Add to that a casting as diverse as talented (Elisabeth Moss, Samira Wiley, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski …) and we get the successful adaptation of a book considered a classic among our American friends . The Handmaid’s Tale is, of course, expected to see the continuation, but for the time being, The Handmaid’s Tale fulfills its contract with great fidelity to the source book, a mixture of discomfort and curiosity for its intrigue and an impossible question to ask about the state of affairs in Our world to us – that we are all the same happy to find once the episode ended. While waiting to see if the sequel will be so successful, discover the scores of your favorite series thanks to our assessment of the audiences ! So, will you take a look at The Handmaid’s Tale?