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Techno 31 March, 2018

2018-03-31 13:05

The last two years, “Blue Moon”: a wiccan priestess told me what to do
During a full moon “blue moon” can be charged magic power talismans and special things.

On 31 March, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see the second full moon that falls in one calendar month a ” blue Month “. The next time this astronomical phenomenon can be seen in two years , reports Rus.Media.

Wiccan priestess in his blog said that the “blue Moon” twice as strong as normal full moon .

“If you need results for a long time , such as a graduation or establish a new business , make a wish under the Moon . Your intentions , if you still support the actions in real life , will be before the new full moon, ” he assured the priestess .

And when sagadevan desire need to look at the Month . To dress better in blue , and the house lighting candles ( preferably also in blue )

According to the priestess , a blue Moon is the time for a lot of inspiration . During this period, should think over the plans , which previously was delayed for some reason . “Meditate , visualize how the energy of the blue moon” fills your dreams, ” she called .

The priestess also said that during a full moon can be recharged with special energy the mascots and things that have a human definition of symbolic meaning , especially provided that they are made of silver . You can put them on the windowsill during a full moon , so the moonlight fell on them .

The same method can be used to charge and open the purse . The main thing – to believe in the realization of desires .

Women can fill a Cup with water and also put it under the moonlight . Then this water can wash to receive strength from heaven .

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