The most beautiful scenes of quebec films featuring cars

Avto 10 January, 2018
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    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 15:24

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 15:24

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    Movies chariots of quebec, there is not tons. But as the automobile has always been important in the eyes of Quebecers, it is without astonishment that one finds in the cinema.

    Monica la mitraille
    Released in 2004, this film tells the story of the life of the braqueuse bank that was Monique Sparvieri. In the following excerpt, from 4:11, we see it happen to save after a flight at the wheel of a Chrysler Newport 1968 silver color. As to the police officers, they chase each other in a van GMC from the early ’60s until…

    The Boys
    In the first film The Boys was released in 1997, the characters of Karen and Bob Chicoine are almost passed to the act in the BMW 3-Series E30. Alas, Bob did not have a condom in his sedan German. It is then that the character played by Annie Dufresne has delivered a reply, now very famous…

    C .R.A.Z.There.
    This scene, taken from a real masterpiece, which has a father and one of his sons to the edge of a Chrysler New Yorker 1966 by a radiant day, is to dream. And what about the song “Emmenez-moi” Charles Aznavour, who comes to crown the whole!

    The Americans have had Fast & the Furious, we, we had Nitro. Far from having been acclaimed by the critics, this film presented on the big screen one facet of the car culture in the province. In addition, it has also been the forum of choice for the Campagna T-Rex.

    Elvis Gratton 2 : Miracle à Memphis
    In this sequence from the second installment of the film series featuring the colorful character that is Elvis Gratton, we see him take possession of a luxurious Lincoln limousine. In addition to being equipped with an array of electrical accessories, the car talk, which has the effect of enrage the one that has earlier risen.

    Gaz Bar Blues
    This film, starring Serge Thériault, relates various incidents that take place around a service station. The cars of the ’70’s and ’80 are very numerous in this film. We note in passing a Chevrolet Malibu, a Renault 5, BMW 3 Series E30, a Datsun 210, a BMW 5 Series E34, a Chevrolet Nova, a Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, etc

    Ding and Dong: the film
    Ding and Dong, the film contains a waterfall at the edge of a Oldsmobile Cutlass in the last years of production of the model on the platform A. This cascade does not happen at all as expected since the duo does not follow to the letter the instructions of the achievement. Our tributes at the door of the Renault 5 yellow. A piece of anthology!

    Good Cop Bad Cop
    Two police officers, a Quebecer and an Ontarian, must investigate the death of a man who was discovered on the border between the two provinces. David Bouchard, played by Patrick Huard, moves to the edge of a Chevrolet Chevelle 1976, somewhat worn and he likes to bully. We can see from 22:16.

    Performed by Ricardo Trogi, this comedy dissecting the relationships between men and women was released in 2002. As the title indicates, the action takes place on the road between these two towns of the province. We can notably see a gorgeous Chevrolet Corvette fifth generation.

    Released in 2000, Maelström ” tells the story of Bibiane Champagne hits, with his BMW 3 Series E30, a man who dies shortly after. This car returns several times in the film.

    If you’ve watched Mommy, you have without doubt noticed the Volvo 850 wagon white in which Diane, Steve and Kyla. It is chewable!

    Biological clock
    Although it may appear to be banal, this scene is a great example of the automotive marketing. The feeling of driving a sports car, it sells. Thanks to the leather-wrapped steering wheel, family father now has the impression that the Pontiac Montana he is on the verge of buying a sports car.

    One of the main characters has a means of transportation very very common in Quebec during the years 2000 : a new Fiat 500 1973. It has the chance to see a few times in the course of the film. Around 1:13:50, she is the victim of a very unfortunate.

    I have my trip
    At the wheel of a Toyota Celica from the early ’70’s that pulls a trailer, the family Cartier began to run across Canada, from Quebec to Vancouver. Obstacles arise one after the other…

    Cruising Bar
    In this 1989 movie, it is in particular the knowledge of Gerard, one of the four characters, played by Michel Côté. Proud as a peacock, he struts to the wheel of a Cadillac Seville and combines the conquests with the ladies.