The murderer of British MP Jo Cox sentenced to life in prison

International 23 November, 2016

1305009-thomas-mair-centreThomas Mair, a right wing extremist, was convicted of the murder in June of the British Labour MP Jo Cox and sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday by the London Criminal Court of the Old Bailey.

The pro-EU and pro-refugee MP was killed by several bullets and multiple stab wounds, one week before the referendum on the European Union of 23 June, in his riding of Birstall, near Leeds (northern England).

The court followed the prosecution case under which Thomas Mair, in which Nazi literature was found, acted by ideology.

“Mair gave no explanation for his actions, but the prosecution was able to prove that the crime premeditated, animated by hatred, is no less an act of terrorism intended to highlight its deviant ideology” explained the head of the division of against-terrorism prosecutors, Sue Hemming, in a statement.

Thomas Mair, who pleaded not guilty, refused to speak or defend themselves at trial that opened there ten days.

The Old Bailey was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of early release, a “penalty very rare,” said a spokesman for prosecutors told AFP.

At his first hearing by the court a few days after the murder, he had shouted “Death to the traitors, freedom for the UK.”

Several witnesses to the murder have also told the hearing screaming repeatedly “Britain First” “(Britain first!) By committing his crime.

The prosecutor explained that Thomas Mair had especially had access to a publication “extreme right” and Nazi documents.

He also conducted research on the internet about the Ku Klux Klan and activists of human rights killed by his supporters, and consulted the Twitter account and the Wikipedia page Jo Cox.