The murderer of British MP Jo Cox sentenced to life in prison

International 23 November, 2016

picThe fanatical extreme right Mair Thomas was found guilty Wednesday of the assassination of MP Jo Cox June 16, in the country of Brexit by the London Criminal Court of the Old Bailey.

He will be silent. In strict dark suit and tie, Thomas Mair, 53, beard graying, balding, listening behind the window of the box for a week and a half the prosecution expose its charges against him, without showing any emotion. He decided not to speak in his defense, said his lawyer. Accused of murdering two shots and fifteen knives June 16 the Labour MP Jo Cox, Thomas Mair was eventually convicted on Wednesday. The attack took place in the street while the victim, aged 41, went to a permanence to his constituents in his riding of Yorkshire, a week before the referendum on the Brexit .

“Mair gave no explanation for his actions, but the prosecution was able to demonstrate that his crime

Thomas Mair.
premeditated, animated by hatred, is no less an act of terrorism intended to highlight its deviant ideology, “said the chief of the division of against-terrorism prosecutors in a statement. Thomas Mair, who pleaded not guilty, was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of early release. A “penalty rare,” according to a spokesman for prosecutors in London. “You are not patriotic. By your actions, you have betrayed the essence of our country: its adherence to parliamentary democracy, “said the judge Alan Wilkie.
The prosecutor Richard Whittam concluded his exposure facts Tuesday before a jury. He had attached himself to demonstrate the circumstances “a prepared and premeditated murder for political and / or ideological reasons.” Minutes after the attack, committed in broad daylight in the village of Birstall, Mair was arrested by a police patrol, a large bag in his hand. “It’s me,” he said they would by letting stop. “I am a political activist,” would he added. Comments reported to the bar by Craig Nicholls and Jonathan Wright agents, contested by counsel for the accused. In the bag contained the .22 long rifle gun rifle sawn used for the murder, 24 bullets, a knife and a small knife. Y was also found a prospectus of the referendum campaign on the Brexit.
Inspired by the Ku Klux Klan and the Waffen SS

Several witnesses heard Mair shout “Britain First” (Britain’s first), “Keep Britain independent” (hold independence from Great Britain) during the attack. At his first appearance before a judge, he had said: “My name is Death to the traitors, freedom for Britain.” Refusing to cooperate with the police, it is no longer released from his silence, except to confirm by a simple “yes” its identity on the first day of the trial.
The day before the murder, without fixed employment gardener had quietly returned to the library of Birstall, before which he was going to kill the MP. On a computer, he has researched and consulted Jo Cox a page from a website entitled “Is a .22 long rifle shot in the head is enough to kill a human?” He inquired on the schedules of the permanence of the elected the next day in the same library. He also spent hours visiting sites evoking the Waffen SS, the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations of.
“The patriotic choice” referendum

In one of the neighbors described as a loner without stories, in the village of Birstall, police found neo-Nazi literature, books on breed selection, the Holocaust, the German army, theories conspiracy, and an article on the terrorist far-right Norwegian Anders Breivik . On a shelf above his bed sat a sculpture of an eagle of the Third Reich decorated with a swastika.
Investigators also found a home in the article by Jo Cox on the referendum, in which she wrote these words: “I believe that the patriotic choice is to vote for Britain stays in the EU where we are stronger , safer and more prosperous than we would on their own. “