The Mustang and the F-150 will have hybrid versions

Avto 16 March, 2018
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 14:14

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 14:14

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    Two of the greatest icons of Ford will turn to hybrid technology within the next two years.

    In a meeting with several media cars, Ford has confirmed that the Mustang and the F-150 will soon be a hybrid to be added to their respective ranges during the next 24 months.


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    “With the F-150 hybrid, Ford will look to the capacity with low-end torque for pulling power and the fact that it can be used for generating mobile”, explains the manufacturer in a press release.

    For the Mustang, Ford promises that the hybrid version will put the emphasis on performance, and nothing else. “The Mustang hybrid will be fully dedicated to deliver performances worthy of a V8 with more torque at low regime,” said in the same press release.

    Remains to be seen how the fans of Mustang will greet the new.

    A range of SUV electrified

    In addition to the F-150 and the Mustang, Ford has announced that it intends to offer a hybrid version and/or plug-in hybrid all its range of SUVS by 2020.

    Basically, all SUVS built by Ford, the small EcoSport to the large Expedition, will be offered with an electrified version. This includes even the new Bronco, which is expected to return with impatience.

    We aim at the top

    In the United States, at the present time, it’s Toyota that dominates the market in terms of sales of hybrid vehicles.

    Ford doesn’t hide it, the goal behind this major offensive hybrid is to dethrone the japanese manufacturer and dominate the market in the coming years.