The oil industry is ” a campaign of fear “

Avto 1 August, 2017
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    According to Martin Archambault, director of the Association of electric vehicles Quebec, car salesmen are inventing problems to electric vehicles, to discourage their customers to obtain them.

    Francis Halin

    Monday, 31 July, 2017 22:19

    Monday, 31 July, 2017 22:19

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    The oil industry and car manufacturers are on a campaign of fear to discourage Quebecers to buy an electric car, ” said the Association of electric vehicles Quebec (AVÉQ) in a vigorous public release on Monday.

    “In some cases, their reaction is close to panic. They make a fear-mongering with not much else,” said Martin Archambault, director of the AVÉQ, who wants the Montreal economic Institute (MEI).

    According to Martin Archambault, those who, like the montreal economic institute, has said that taxpayers will have to pay for the electric vehicles of the other, are on the wrong road.

    “The price of petrol cars has not increased where there have been laws to put forward this type of car,” he noted, irritated, flesh also of oil and gas interests along the way.

    Mr. Archambault regrets that this type of discourse circulates, because it jeopardizes the orientation of the Strategy in the electrification of transport in Quebec.

    “Yes, the orientation is threatened. Even if, at the core, it is good, we advocate an approach which is a tad more aggressive”, he dropped.

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    Martin Archambault, Director AVÉQ


    “All weird “

    Normand Mousseau, professor, and author of a report on energy issues, even went so far as to describe “any note” the output of the MEI against the obligation of the dealers to sell more electric cars.

    But what hurts the most Martin Archambault, these are car salesmen who invent problems to electric vehicles, to discourage their customers to obtain them.

    “Thanks to a mystery shopper sent to a dealership, we have been able to hear arguments of the kind: “Not reliable in winter,” “No terminal nowhere””, a-t-he entrusted to us. According to him, the sellers of cars the shun simply because they make them earn less money.

    Significant demand

    Gold, ever the demand for electric cars has not been as important here. It double each year since 2011. While in the United States, a factory GM is forced to stop producing due to lack of clients, there is a waiting list of 10 months for the same type of car in the province, ” said Mr. Archambault.

    “From the moment it is not only activists zealous that come up in bridges to ask, but governments and citizens that are interested, the industry will need to learn to live with it,” he concluded.

    A bit of history

    Policy of electrification of Quebec : 2012

    Goal of electric cars by 2020 : 100 000

    Jobs related to electric car : 5000

    Electric cars in Quebec : 14 390

    Electric cars in the world : 2 000 000

    Terminals in Quebec : 1650

    Terminals quick : 83

    Proportion of electric vehicles in Québec

    55 % plug-in hybrid

    45% of cars that are fully electric

    Average homeowner

    45 year old man

    86 % of all owners

    Annual salary median of $65,000

    Distribution of electric vehicles in Québec

    Montreal : 1789

    Quebec : 1276

    Laval : 735

    Terrebonne : 422

    Longueuil : 406

    Sherbrooke : 392

    Gatineau : 292

    Trois-Rivières : 286

    Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu : 224

    Levis : 212

    The most popular models in Quebec

    Chevrolet Volt : 44 %

    Nissan Leaf : 20 %

    Tesla Model S : 9 %

    Source : the Association of electric vehicles Quebec