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Techno 3 April, 2018

2017-11-21 07:36

The planet killer Nibiru for the first time took video
On the YouTube hit video where the author claims that he managed to shoot the mythical planet killer Nibiru.

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When viewing the video you can see how huge the cosmic body enters the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving a giant trail of fire, reports Rus.Media.

Lovers of conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and sophistry believe that there is some mythical planet Nibiru, which sooner or later will destroy all life. However, people on YouTube who watched this video, I think that is reflected Nibiru is just the Sun’s rays that pass through the clouds. In addition, they notice that on the video “overlay” filters for effect. Nibiru is a celestial body mentioned in Sumerian-Akkadian mythology and associated with the God Marduk.

Scientists have found that the ancients connected it several times with Jupiter and once with the mercury.

However, in the modern world this planet is viewed differently.

In particular, Zechariah Sitchin said that Nibiru is described in Sumerian texts as the 12th planet. It is supposedly inhabited by intelligent beings identified with the deities of Mesopotamian mythology. The authors of this theory foreshadowed the end of the world in 2012. They said that it will come in the gravitational field of the planet, which will fly past the earth. However, astronomers deny the possibility of the existence in our Solar system planet with such orbit and ground.

Sitchin himself is accused that he does not think anything in sumerology and Sciences associated with his theory.

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