The Samaritans are rescuing a motorist from flames

News 7 December, 2017
  • Axel Marchand-Lamothe

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 01:00

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 01:00

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    A young motorist who has had the leg cut off during a violent lurch should the life of the intervention and the courage of several passers-by who dragged him out of his burning vehicle last weekend in Saint-Jérôme.

    The family of the driver, Mathieu Robert, had only good words for the stakeholders, in particular to Guillaume Boisvert. “This is our angel at all. Without it, Matthew would no longer be with us. He risked his life for my son, ” said the Newspaper, Sylvie, the mother of the victim.

    The driver 26-year-old lost control of his vehicle, which overturned before bursting into flame, around 3: 15 a.m. last Saturday, on highway 15 in Saint-Jérôme. At least five people have not hesitated to help him despite the danger.

    “I saw the car on the roof and the beginning of the fire. There was nobody around, so I stopped and I ran to pull the driver out, ” Annick Robert. I don’t know why my coat was not on fire when I dragged him to the shoulder of the road. “

    Once removed from the carcass, Mathieu Robert is badly in point : part of his left leg was amputated by the accident. Jolianne Martel and Jade Gamache, the first arrivals on the scene, had already called the emergency services.

    Photo taken from Facebook

    Mathieu Robert


    Guillaume Boisvert ran to get his first-aid kit in his truck.

    “It didn’t even take a minute before the flames spread,” recalls the construction site superintendent. So I took the decision to put my truck between the car fire and Mathieu to make a screen protector. “

    Police arrived in the meantime. With Mr. Boisvert, they stabilized the victim, who was conscious, making a tourniquet with a belt.

    Due to the risk posed by the blaze, they were installed in the box of the truck away in this makeshift “ambulance”. This is the leg supported by a tire and a bib as a pillow as he waited for the arrival of the ambulance.


    In a message emotional published on his page Facebook on Tuesday and sent to Mathieu Robert, Guillaume Boisvert hoped to have news of the injured. The publication has been shared more than 3500 times in a few hours, rapidly attaining its goal.

    “His girlfriend read him the message to the hospital, her mother called me, his brother has written to me, but I’m saying since the beginning, it was a collective effort. I do not have more merit than others. I just wanted to live closer to the story and to know that he was doing well [in posting my status] “, he says.

    Still hospitalized, Mathieu Robert continues his treatments. According to his relatives, he keeps morale.

    “Mathieu, especially in need of his circle now,” said his wife, Maxine Cabana.