The Three Best Tactics to Help you Enjoy Fresh Casino

Business 7 August, 2021

Fresh Casino is a fantastic online gaming casino that delivers hours of fun. However, if you are looking for more than entertainment and want to have some cash in the bank, you need to try a few fun tactics. These tactics will make your gaming experience easier, give you an edge, and help you take advantage of all this casino has to offer. Here are four tactics that help you along.

Make a Play for Fresh Casino Ranks

Every single bet that you make counts because of the reward program on Fresh Casino known as Fresh Ranks. You need to keep an eye on which rank you attain, as the higher the rank, the better the benefits you can enjoy. To move up the ranks, you get awarded Fresh Coins.

Every time you make a bet in real money worth €50, you receive 1 Fresh Coin. The great thing about Fresh Casino is that you get awarded with Fresh Coins when you make bonus bets. However, with the bonus bets, you are awarded 0.5 Fresh Coins for every €50.

The first level is awarded the moment that you register. There are nine levels in total, and here is a snapshot look at the number of Fresh Coins you need for each level.

* Level 2 – 25 Fresh Coins

* Level 3 – 100 Fresh Coins

* Level 4 – 500 Fresh Coins

* Level 5 – 2,000 Fresh Coins

* Level 6 – 5,000 Fresh Coins

* Level 7 – 10,000 Fresh Coins

* Level 8 Premium – 25,000 Fresh Coins

* Level 9 Exclusive – 50,000 Fresh Coins

Some of the growing benefits that you can look forward to as you go up the levels include a birthday bonus, higher withdrawal limits, and lower wagering requirements.

Bang for your Buck Fresh Casino Bonuses

After you register for the site, you should take up the welcome bonus. This ensures that you get a match bonus for your first five deposits that puts a little more cash in your casino account. With your initial deposit, in addition to receiving a match bonus, you also can get up to 50 free spins. This is an excellent opportunity, especially if you want to try out some new games. Here is what those first five-match bonuses look like.

* 1st Deposit – 150% match bonus up to €2000 and 50 free spins.

* 2nd Deposit – 100% match bonus up to €200.

* 3rd Deposit – 50% match bonus up to €250.

* 4th Deposit – 50% match bonus up to €350.

* 5th Deposit – 25% match bonus up to €700

Once you are done with the welcome bonus, you get to choose from three special Fresh Casino bonuses at least once a day. They include the Fresh Pack bonus that combines a match bonus and free spins, Fresh Cash is a purely match bonus for deposits, and Fresh Spins gives free spins.

Enjoy Great Competition with Promotions

Playing in an online casino can be lonely since often it is just you and the game. However, at Fresh Casino, there are tournaments that you can experience which bring out a healthy sense of competition. Climb your way up the leader board, and in addition to getting bragging rights, you also stand to receive part of the generous prize pools. Choose between tournaments that offer free spins or cash for your special edge.

There is so much more than simple gaming at Fresh Casino. With these tactics, you can enjoy hours of brilliant games and make a little extra in your casino account. These are just a few reasons for you to begin enjoying every moment you spend at Fresh Casino.