The Top Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Parcel Delivery Service for Your Business

Business 22 October, 2019

If you are operating a small or medium-sized business and part of your operation is to send parcels out once in a while, then you will know how important it is to choose a good parcel delivery or courier service. There are plenty of delivery and courier services from which you can choose, of course, but there are plenty of factors in choosing the best one for your exact needs. For example, if you send out parcels every day, then you may want a service that can give you the best rates which are suited to the kind of business you are in. So what other factors should you think about, and what questions should you ask yourself when choosing a delivery service for your business? Let’s find out.

How many packages do you send out every day?

If your business is involved in sending only a few parcels every week, you could choose a courier service directly. But if you are sending out anything between 30 to 5000 parcels per week, not just locally, but also internationally, then you would do best choosing a provider for parcel distribution (this is usually an outsourced service) so you can fulfil your needs as a startup enterprise, a mid-market shipper, or an enterprise-level shipper. By doing this, you can easily save a lot on shipping rates.

What are the top factors I should consider?

There are also some factors which you should consider from the beginning, and often, these factors are non-negotiable – either you think about them, or you may well end up with a courier service that’s less than ideal. For instance, think of the price. Are you willing to settle on premium prices for more comprehensive and faster delivery services like an express service? You should also consider the company’s reliability and its reputation, and you can usually find out more about its reliability and reputation through online reviews and feedback, as a parcel and packaging supply specialist like confirms. The speed of the service is also of the essence, so consider the needs of your customers and how long they are willing to wait. The scale of the courier service can also make a difference, and larger organisations may be able to offer you lower prices, although there are exceptions to this rule as well.

Which is the cheapest service for a small to medium-sized business?

As a UK business, you can opt for services such as UK Mail and Yodel, which tend to offer the cheapest rates for parcel deliveries within the UK. But if you’re looking for an international courier service with more competitive pricing, DHL would also be a good choice.

Which service can offer the fastest delivery?

Another important question is this: which service can offer the fastest delivery? Technically speaking, the speediest way to get your product to your customer would be the use of a locally-based same-day delivery service, but because these services often charge on the basis of one penny per mile, this may not be as cost-effective as you would like, especially if you want to generate a good profit. Some good options would include Hermes, Yodel, and UK Mail for next-day delivery, with collections done at 9 in the morning, 10:30 in the morning, 12 noon, or the next day. DHL, on the other hand, is usually a good choice for international deliveries, with its delivery time ranging from next-day delivery to 7 to 10 working days.

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