The Toyota Avalon has more the air of a car for a elderly person

Avto 17 January, 2018
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Monday, 15 January 2018 18:00

    Monday, 15 January 2018 18:00

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    Toyota made a considerable effort to add a bit of dynamism to its range of vehicles, and it is the turn of the Avalon of ironing to the drawing table.

    Without denying its consumers older and more conservative, Toyota has injected a small dose of emotion in this vehicle which, let’s face it, has never had the reputation of being very exciting.

    A bit like it did with the new Camry, Toyota has presented a Avalon adopting two calenders very distinct; the more aggressive and the other more inclined towards the luxury.

    Versions XSE and Touring models receive a muzzle more sporty, while the XLE and Limited will retain a look more conservative, which is more faithful to what we know already of the Avalon.

    Toyota Avalon 2019

    Toyota Avalon 2019


    Under the hood, this new generation will benefit from the same mechanical components that drive the Toyota Camry, it also recently renewed from A to Z.


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    Its V6 engine of 3.5 litres so will likely be the same power as that of the Camry, established in 301 horses. A hybrid version equipped with a four-cylinder engine of 2.5 liters, is also on the menu. A new transmission that eight-speed automatic will be paired with the V6, while the hybrid engine will instead call for a box continuously variable transmission (CVT).

    Toyota Avalon 2019


    As is the case for all vehicles sold by Toyota in Canada, the new Avalon will also be equipped with all safety active Safety Sense. Of series, the Avalon 2019 will be fitted with the following items:

    – System précollision with pedestrian detection
    – Alert system, lane departure with assistance to the direction
    – Beam headlamps automatic
    – Cruise control, dynamic

    For the first time in a Toyota model, Avalon 2019 will also offer an infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay. Put it was time. No word, however, on a possible connectivity with Android Auto…

    This new Avalon will also be supplied with a JBL sound system with 14 loudspeakers and 1200 watts. Yes, you read that correctly. 1200 watts in a car!

    Toyota Avalon 2019


    To disassociate themselves from the old-fashioned image of the Avalon, Toyota has definitely taken the bull by the horns. Remains to be seen whether the road will be worthy of all these new features.

    The Toyota Avalon 2019 is expected to arrive in canadian dealerships in late spring. The price range of the model remains unknown for the time being. For 2018, the Avalon is available from 42 764$.