The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Gray’s Anatomy …: The scenes that made us cry in 2016!

Cinema 23 December, 2016

This year 2016 has been full of emotions on the side of our favorite series! So it’s time to come back to those scenes that made us cry.
In the space of twelve months, American television has offered us a good number of TV series. Between comedies and dramas, we had ample choice to occupy our evenings and clearly, we went through all the states. As is often said, from laughter to tears, it is only a step and today is those times when we have clearly not succeeded in not cry we want you to talk to you . Yes, the meltynauts, you will have understood: it is high time for us to expose you these scenes that made us cry this year. Are you ready ? So let’s go !
Clearly the winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy last season was a die heart for all fans of Meredith. Not only did a patient attack her, but on top of that, her convalescence was far too long. For many weeks she could not speak and the scene that made us clear our package of kleenex is undoubtedly where her children do not want to say hello. Unless it is the one where she forgives the man who put her in this state? We do not know too much: this episode was just crazy .
If the early season of Grey’s Anatomy 13 failed to meet our expectations , there is an episode that reminded us how much we like the series is “The Room Where It Happens”. In this one, Meredith, Richard, Owen and Stephanie operate on a patient and each turn, remembers things of the past. We will not lie: see Meredith announce the death of Derek with his kids was too much for us and we clearly cried all the tears in our body.
So no, the dead of Abraham and Glenn did not make us cry. However, the last scene of the season premiere in which our heroes are settled quietly at a table with a smile, then we could not help himself.
Arrow’s season 4 was marked by the death of Laurel, one of the main characters in the show. Clearly, we did not expect it and seeing Oliver at the lowest made us cry. And to top it off, Laurel told our hero that she always knew she was not the woman of her life. O N IS NOT AGREE. YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE L.
After years of waiting, Jon and Sansa finally found themselves in Game of Thrones. It was awaited, it was beautiful and it made us chill. Point.
Need more explanation? This Is Us is THE series of the season and after stops Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood, American television was sorely lacking a family drama worthy of the name. Finally, our wishes were fulfilled and NBC launched the show last September. We cried from the pilot and it does not stop since. And you, what series have made you cry this year?