The Walking Dead: The series sanctioned for cutting the deaths of SPOILERS at the beginning of season 7?

Cinema 11 January, 2017

It’s been a few months already but the season premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead still has not finished talking about him.

The more impatient still waiting February 12 and may discover an explosive fanmade trailer that tease the confrontation between Rick and Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead to help them wait. For the others, we return today on the season premiere of the season which has made enormous talk about him because of its incredible violence and very explicit. As some of you know, The Walking Dead is released in the UK by Fox and complaints that the chain has received is quite unexpected. They do not indeed concern the violence of the episode but the fact that the dead Glenn and Abraham were edited before being broadcast . Yet the verdict fell, according to Ofcom, the equivalent of the French CSA, Fox made the right decision by cutting off some scenes. “Our survey shows that Fox has taken appropriate steps to edit the program content for dissemination to 21h” .
Indeed, rather than showing the killing of Abraham and Glenn in their entirety, Fox decided to shorten these scenes and completely remove the map of Glenn talking to Maggie seconds before the fatal shot Negan . British fans, however, still had the opportunity to see the entire episode on video on demand. The channel will not be penalized and the series will continue to show us some of the most violent scenes of television knowing that the regulatory bodies are never far to prevent any incident. In any case, one of them is one thing, the deaths of Glenn and Abraham will remain forever marked in the history of the small screen and we are not close to forget them … Waiting to know if the sequel we reserve also other memorable moments, we wondered if Negan would soon learn that Maggie is alive in season 7 of the Walking Dead . What do you think ?