These cartoons adapted movies that you may have forgotten

Cinema 1 February, 2017

To be resumed and adapted is to have success. At least the original work, the one that inspires. For adaptations are (too often) forgotten.
King Kong
Not complicated to guess the name of the protagonist, nor his appearance. King Kong, a monkey bump with Lorna Jenkins, a scientist, and his son, to bring down this devil Ramon Porta . Not really a copy of the monkey of the 1933 film, King Kong, we know all the same that the story comes from there.
Ace Ventura
Like the film, even delirious. The only difference is the voice of the detective played by Jim Carrey , because here it’s not his but that of Michael Daingerfield. Otherwise grimaces, jokes, twisted blows, everything is there.
SOS Ghosts
You see the same investigators walking around New York, solving stories, dealing with paranormal affairs. The scénar ‘, the voice, it was a good job and that regaled us for six years . Before being replaced by another series “Ghosbusters” but less well.
Men in Black
The respected science fiction atmosphere, amplified gags and adapted for a younger audience in cartoon fashion, a pleasure for four years (and seasons) from 1997 to 2001. In addition, icing on the cake, the animated series had an influence on the second film . When J faces Jarra in the building that serves as the seat, it is something that we find in the second episode of the cartoon.
Decidedly, it was a habit in the 90s. And for the blow, it was a rich idea since the series was more fun than the film. Rather disappointing, the movie was not very funny and did not address enough of the animals . There, there was a mass of clashes between lizards and reptiles, insects and other monsters.
After his 1988 film, Tim Burton had not yet finished with his Gothic universe, centered around the famous Beetlejuice. So he created a series starting in 1999, four seasons , which respected no surprise the film’s atmosphere while agreeing to children. Even the intro music was reworked for good gluing.
Other adaptations cited
Star Wars: Clone Wars, The Mask, Buzz Lightyear (sort of spin-off from Toy Story) You remember where, that you looked small?