These materials I understood through the series … Even my techno teacher can not test

Cinema 9 June, 2017

You have certainly never said once in your life “I understood the theorem of Pythagoras thanks to The Flash” and yet … The series teach us a lot of things, but for the rest, there is E2C, Second Chance School!
Did your mother tell you not to sit too often in front of the TV? When you think about it, you learn a lot in the series . So no, you will not be able to leave school and binge watcher a series to qualify for a diploma (a while ago, you have to work anyway) but if you take the materials that you have already tackled in the series That follow, you will surely find your happiness in an E2C !
Were you listening to SVT when you were talking about the human body ? Fortunately, thanks to series like Gray’s Anatomy , you certainly learned more in 13 seasons on human anatomy than in 4 years of SVT in college. Afterwards, if you count only on that to become a surgeon, you do not predict a great future, unless the patient’s problem is sentimental, in which case you will be a real leader!
The story
You have never followed anything in the course of history and what happened before does not interest you in the least … Yet you certainly kiffes the series Vikings (normal, everyone likes)! Well you figure that this story about the people of the north and Ragnar is quite faithful to reality . So, maybe you love it more than you think. And if you say to yourself that knowing this kind of elements of the past may be useful, it is not because you did not listen to anything in progress that it is the end for you!
It is still strange life … In Spanish course, you did not hesitate to what jab your teacher between two “callate” and yet, in Jane The Virgin , you get to understand 100% of what the Grandmother who does not speak a word of English … Well after, you will not be clearly bilingual thanks to the series, but it is a good start anyway.
Do you want to become a great physicist? Work in astronomy or materials in the genre? So you surely mate The Big Bang Theory ! Between two Sheldon WTF interventions, you already learn some basics … Starting with the name of the episode, which carries 100% of the time the name of a scientific theorem or a physics approach. A good start in short!
We are not going to hide it, built a pencil holder or a talking clock, it was not the most stimulating. But thanks to the remake of MacGyver released this year, you could learn a lot of stuff. And unlike conventional wisdom, building a bulldozer with a paper clip, a wooden crate and a little honey is not part of the practice.
So yes, you’ve certainly learned some tricks from the series, and it’s pretty cool, because it gives you a small base (really light, you know it does not teach you everything) … But to consolidate that and To learn what your heroes of favorite series do, you can always turn to an E2C , the School of the 2nd Chance ! By following an individualized course and alternating in several companies, you will be able to find the trade of your choice!