This is why the AirPods can compete with the Beats Solo3 Wireless

Techno 23 December, 2016

Equipped with the Apple W1 chip, the AirPods and the Beats Solo3 Wireless offer a beautiful sound experience. But the two accessories are not equal. We tested them and here are our impressions

Apple has decided to revolutionize wireless. With the W1 chip that equips the Beats Solo3 Wireless headset and the AirPods, Apple offers innovative features on these products. After spending a day with the AirPods and tried the on-ear headphones Beats, we especially gets off the sound quality, autonomy and automatic configuration of these devices . But the two accessories are not equal. Far from being as intrusive as an in-ear headset and more practical than a supra-auricular headset (the Solo3 is only one example among many others), the AirPods have everything to please. Explanations.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless offers better autonomy than the AirPods
Thanks to their small size, the AirPods are easily forgotten in the ears . And contrary to appearances, you can shake your head, dance like never before and even run, without the headphones falling. The W1 chip also brings new features such as dual optical sensors and the accelerometer. With this technology, the headphones are activated – just as you slide them into your ears. Just remove them to pause the music and that’s really cool! Another advantage is that the AirPods can also be used on Android smartphones. We tested them with an Honor 8 and the result was not bad. But the key is elsewhere and meltyStyle tells you more

The case of the AirPods is very practical to benefit from a autonomy of up to 24 hours
Personally used to repetitive otitis, I did not feel any discomfort when trying the AirPods. With headphones or conventional headphones, my sensations are different: Just keep for 3 or 4 hours of earphones or earphones in my ears so that a feeling of discomfort makes its appearance. With AirPods, the wireless listening has never been so cool . As for Solo3 Beats Wireless, it can still boast of offering greater autonomy than AirPods . However, it does not offer the most effective noise reduction headphones that wireless Apple that are available to purchase here. Practices thanks to their box, the headsets seem ready to impose themselves, against all odds, in the world of the wireless.