This old Subaru for sale has almost everything you need

Avto 15 March, 2018

    Germain Goyer

    Wednesday, 14 march, 2018 18:15

    Wednesday, 14 march, 2018 18:15

    Look at this article

    On the website these are not the beads that are missing.

    Perfection is difficult to achieve and yet, this old Subaru RX for sale the close.

    Built on the same platform as the Subaru Leone, the RX was available as a sedan or as a coupe. Not in the family. This is the main flaw of this car.

    Subaru RX Turbo 1988

    Otherwise, everything of this car is a dream. Like any Subaru, which is respect – with the exception of the BRZ, ok -, it is fitted with four-wheel drive which has contributed largely to the reputation of the japanese manufacturer.

    It has a turbo. And a chance she has it. Otherwise, it would be a real calf. Its four flat cylinders 1.8 L produces only 115 horsepower and 134 pound-feet.

    It has a manual transmission. Change the report itself, it has no price. It adds significantly to the experience of driving a vintage car.

    Subaru RX Turbo 1988

    This Subaru RX is right out of the ’80s and it shows. And we like it like that. Cut with a knife, its silhouette is as smooth as that of a box of butter. All of the skirts and the decorative elements in red, is a chic unheard of. Not to mention her breasts in the square pattern…

    Inside, it is black and grey. Wholesale grey plastic. Completely devoid of artifice.

    Subaru RX Turbo 1988

    Certainly, it is not new. She has more than 20 years, after all. The body gives the impression of a beginning of corrosion here and there, but it seems nothing alarming. As to its odometer, it displays 192, 000 miles, which corresponds to about 309 000 kilometres. There is no doubt, of the landscape, she has seen!

    But all of it, it gives it a certain charm. The nostalgic finishes are sure to enjoy.

    At the time of writing these few lines, the highest bet is 1550 US$, which is the equivalent of $ 2000 CAD. It have 5 days left in the auction.

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    Subaru RX Turbo 1988