This small 4×4 like a Jeep will be sold in Canada

Avto 3 March, 2018
  • Mahindra Automotive North America

    Frédéric Mercier

    Friday, 2 march 2018 13:47

    Friday, 2 march 2018 13:47

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    Believe it or not, this little vehicle to the military appearance is not a Jeep ancient, perfectly renovated. Rather, it is a Mahindra, and it is brand new.

    Baptized Roxor, this racing car two-seater has been conceived and designed for the north american market. It will be built in Michigan, where it plans to create 300 new jobs for the occasion.

    Best known among us for its tractors than for its automobiles, the automaker Mahindra, however, has a rich history in the field. It has started its activities by manufacturing copies of the Willys Jeep for the indian market.

    Mahindra Automotive North America


    70 years later, therefore, Mahindra presents us with this small vehicle with a design almost identical to that of the first Jeep to civilians.


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    Animated by a four-cylinder engine turbo diesel 2.5 litres, the Roxor develops a power rather rudimentary of 62 horses.

    The maximum speed of the vehicle goes beyond just the 70 km/h. And when the time comes to tow, we can’t even reach the 30 km/h.

    With a speed limited and an on-board safety almost non existent, don’t expect to cruise the Roxor on the highway at the end of the week. The 4×4 will be nice and sold well in Canada, but it will be marketed in the category of off-road vehicles side-by-side (side by side). The canadian price has not been announced.

    A little disappointing, it is true, but Mahindra does not address the market of road vehicles in North America eventually. To follow…