This tractor Lamborghini is for sale and we want to buy it

Avto 19 August, 2017
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Friday, August 18, 2017 13:09

    Friday, August 18, 2017 13:09

    Look at this article

    Prior to building sports cars, Lamborghini specialized in the manufacturing of tractors.

    Grand amateur performance, legend has it that this is because (or thanks to) Enzo Ferrari Ferruccio Lamborghini will be recycled in the manufacture of cars exotic. Dissatisfied with the behaviour of his Ferrari, Lamborghini would have made his criticisms of the big boss of Ferrari, which would have then more or less sent for a walk.

    As Ferrari was not able to build a car that would meet his standards, Mr. Lamborghini took things in hand, and began to develop its own vehicles. And today, when one thinks of Lamborghini, this is not a farm tractor that comes in mind.

    Except that this legacy, it still exists. And the site for online auction gives us a great example this week.

    Lamborghini 5C Cingolato 1960


    There is a tractor model 5C Cingolato 1960, a tracked vehicle driven by a diesel engine with three-cylinder 2.2-liter air-cooled. Having spent his life in Italy, this venerable tractor 57-year-old has recently moved to the Uk, where it still is located today.

    Lamborghini 5C Cingolato 1960


    Restored from A to Z so obviously very professional, the tractor is now fully functional, as evidenced by this video that accompanies the description of the vehicle.


    The auction will end on the 24th of August at 17: 10 pm. Who knows, maybe this is your chance to become the owner of a Lamborghini!

    Lamborghini 5C Cingolato 1960