This Volvo to sell and will remind you of an old tv series

Avto 10 December, 2017

    Germain Goyer

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 13:53

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 13:53

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    The auction site just put online a new auction: a Volvo P1800 1967. The more nostalgic among us there will be a link to a tv series of the years ’60.

    Not only is the Volvo P1800S is a beautiful old car like few others, but it is also a star of the small screen. What do you want more?

    Volvo P1800S 1967

    Aired from 1962 to 1969, the television series The Saint starred Roger Moore in the role of Simon Templar. The spy was moving in the wheel of nothing less than a Volvo P1800S-white in colour.

    Originally, the production wanted the character rolls up in a Jaguar E-Type, but as a result of the refusal of the british manufacturer, she turned to Volvo had launched its P1800S little time before.

    Volvo P1800S 1967

    Despite his fifty years, this Swedish vehicle appears to have been well-preserved. Its odometer displays 69, 000 miles, the equivalent of 111 000 km. Considering its age, it is very little. Certainly, it is far from new. It shows some traces of rust.

    Its four-cylinder engine of 1.8 L is paired to a manual gearbox with 4 gears.

    Volvo P1800S 1967

    At the time of writing these few lines, he remains six days at the auction. The more high stakes amounted to 6000 US$, which represents approximately 7650 CDN$. A P1800, white, also, has sold about 25 000 $ CAN be a little earlier this year on this same site.

    See below a few clips of the tv series The Saint in which we see the beautiful Volvo P1800S.