Ticketcorner will have the right of appeal against the competition commission

Business 28 June, 2017

Ticketcorner and Starticket take а their merger project and are recourse against the dйcision of the competition commission. (Photo: Keystone/Archives/photo illustration)

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A fault?

Ticketcorner will have any recourse against the dйcision of the competition Commission (COMCO) to prohibit the project. “We have dйcidй of dйposer an appeal before the administrative Court fйdйral” against the veto of the constable of the competition, says Andreas Angehrn, patron of Ticketcorner, in an interview а the weekly Sunday NZZ am Sonntag. According to the COMCO, which has publiй its dйcision there about a month, the new entitй would renforcй the dominant position of the two main actors in the swiss on-line ticketing.

“We do not agree with the judgment of the competition commission,” says Mr. Angehrn. During his enqukte, constable anticartels has rйduit the marchй of follows extrkme and limitй а certain segments, which has contribuй а the image of a dominant position, according to him.

Its cфtй, Starticket has not yet dйcidй if he was going to or not to use the legal avenue to oppose а the dйcision of the competition commission, has indiquй a spokesman а the ats.

The prohibition of the merger weakens the dйveloppement of the company as well as its position in the face of competitors йtrangers that “act in other dimensions,” says Mr. Angehrn in the NZZ am Sonntag. The director of Ticketcorner is concerned the arrivйe on the marchй swiss gйant amйricain Ticketmaster, expected in the second half of this annйe.

Concentration а 100%

Ticketmaster is a subsidiary of Live Nation, numйro a global organization of concerts. The concentration, annoncйe last October, prйvoyait that Starticket become a subsidiary а 100% of Ticketcorner. It also remains а see if the contract passй between Ticketcorner and Starticket in view of the merger remains valid for the time of the action, ” says Mr. Angehrn in the interview.

Ticketcorner belongs а the holding company Ticketcorner, dйtenue а units йgales by the press group alйmanique Ringier and the sociйtй German CTS Eventim, in addition numйro a europйen of the on-line ticketing. Its cфtй, Starticket is the propriйtй of the press group, based in zurich Tamedia.

Ticketcorner and Starticket offer to the organizers of concerts, performances and shows services distributions for their tickets entrйe. These services include the physical and online distribution of tickets (distribution by a third party), be able to that the mйdiatisation shows (publicitй in the mйdias and on the rйseaux social).

In addition, Ticketcorner and Starticket put а organizers software solutions allowing them to distribute their tickets for them-mkmes (self-distribution).