Tinder: “Swipe Primary” Left, measures that match (or not) with app users

Techno 27 January, 2017

In 2017, Tinder and politics match! Of necessity, in this month of January, it is mainly with the Left that it matches, around the Primaires. But with what exactly?
So, you swiped with left candidates or not? Just before the first round of primaries left, the editorial ‘of meltyStyle did you know that Tinder “swipait the Primary” left for you to matcher with politicians . Not to offer you a completely new ass plan but rather to help you understand which political program suits you the most. Already in November 2016, on the occasion of the Primary to the right, Tinder launched the tool “Swipe the Primary” , which revealed that the proposals of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet were those who had encountered the most success with Tinder users (40% of matches), followed by those of Alain Juppé (21% of games). Nicolas Sarkozy completed the podium (19%), followed by Francois Fillon (12%), Bruno Le Maire (7%), Jean-Frederic Poisson (0.7%) and Jean-François Copé (0.3%). . Suffice to say that the final choice of the French (making Francois Fillon win) was not frankly in agreement with the users of Tider. Today, just days before the vote that will invite the French to choose between Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon as a representative of the Left, Tinder reveals the great teachings of its questionnaire , which was again seen over a million Of times on the app. So what do we get?
Each of the candidates of the Left had his ideas well asserted. Well, you too, and you expressed them in answering the questionnaire prepared by Tinder and Voxe.org. Therefore, dear Millennials, know that you are over 70% think that should not decriminalize marijuana . And yes, rather surprising, right? One is not finally as open-minded as Benoît Hamon, François de Rugy and Jean-Luc Bennahmias on the subject! Also, if opinions are divided about the exit of nuclear power (49% for / 51% against), the gap is widening between men and women: only 38% of users of Tinder are for, compared with 52% of users . You also know that you are 59% of Tinder’s followers against the creation of a European army, 62% against the idea of ​​a universal income (while 38% could possibly be persuaded) and you are 64% approve the idea of an increase in working time . Lastly, on the issue of the state of emergency, implemented since November 2015, the results are not clear: 49% of users do not agree with giving more power to the state in Security threats against 51% for. And as for the choice between Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon, we leave you to give your last word this Sunday, thanks to the vote! Do you agree with the majority?