Tips to Get More Dental Patient Referrals

Business 23 March, 2022

Getting more referrals is the easiest way to grow a dental practice. It’s one of the best ways for marketing for dentist and attract new patients. They tend to be loyal and stay with the practice for a long time.

Word-of-mouth marketing is crucial for every dental practice, but it can be hard to harness. Also, running a practice with ethical standards can be challenging. We’ll share some of our strategies to get more patient referrals without breaking the law in this post.

Deliver Fantastic Service

If you want more clients, deliver fantastic service. No one will refer others to you if they offer sub-par work. Instead, they only endorse services that make them look good. Your goal should always be to provide a winning patient experience.

This should include offering something that no other practice in your area has. Make your staff members friendly and patient-focused. This will make them feel valued and wanted by their patients.

Get More Reviews and Testimonials

Getting more reviews is a must to get more referrals. Positive reviews can help boost your chances of getting patients to refer you.

Follow these simple steps to get started, ask patients to leave reviews. The more reviews you have, the more likely prospective patients will give you a try. However, having many positive reviews will make you more attractive to potential patients.

Host an Event

A pediatric dental practice that uses this method generates new patients by holding an event to thank them for being a patient. You can throw a massive party with a variety of activities for everyone. This is a great way to get more patients and increase their referrals. It doesn’t put pressure on the patients, and they’ll naturally think of the practice when they schedule their next visit.

Share Your Business Card With Your Patients

Print many business cards so that you can share them with your patients. They can also be used as referral cards. Stack all of your business cards next to the sign, “New patients accepted.”

Send “Thank You” Notes

When new patients come into the practice, ask them how they learned about it. This will help you thank them for referring to them. Send a handwritten thank-you note to the person who referred you. It should be personal and meaningful, even to the same person. Gratitude is the key to building a relationship with potential patients.

Create an Informative Social Media Page

Having a social media page can be a great way to connect with new patients and potential clients. Creating engaging content that people will want to share is the key to getting the most out of your social media presence. This can be done by providing educational videos and answering frequently asked questions.

Ask Directly

You don’t have to ask for a referral to get a business. Instead, ask for one without any incentives. After getting the nod, ask them to tell others about you and hand them a business card to give to their friends and family. This process will generate new patients for your business. It’s also a great way to spread your services and products.

Ask Indirectly

Aside from directly asking for referrals, you can also place signs in your waiting rooms and patient rooms to ask for them. This method works by encouraging patients to tell their friends about us.

Give Your Patients Free Swag

Although it’s not illegal to give gifts to new patients, it’s essential to think strategically about the gifts that you give them. For instance, you can offer them t-shirts, pens, and other gifts.

A pen can help build awareness for your practice and remind people of you when booking a dental procedure.

Create Discounts and Offers

Offering discounts and special offers for patients is a great way to encourage them to recommend your practice to their friends and family.

You can also offer special offers to encourage patients to refer a friend or family member. For example, you can give them discounts on their teeth whitening.

Getting referrals for your dental practice may not be as straightforward as offering a coupon, but using the above strategies can help. Act ethically, level up your patient care, and ask for referrals directly.

John White