Top 10 : the vehicles most sold in Quebec in 2017

Avto 29 January, 2018
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    In the automotive world, Quebec is a market distinct from the rest of Canada.

    The site AutoMé has compiled a list of the top 10 vehicles sold in la Belle Province in 2017. And even if there are some similarities with the canadian chart, we can see a more marked presence of the compact sedan… and a little bit less than light trucks.


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    10. Mazda3


    The Mazda3 is not even near to be a part of the top 10 sellers in Canada. And yet, in Quebec, it has managed to sneak among the top 10 with 9211 units sold.

    9. Honda CR-V


    The seventh-best seller in Canada in 2017, the Honda CR-V is also very popular in Quebec. It has passed 11 342 units in Quebec in the past year, a slight decrease of 3.2 % compared to the previous year.

    8. Toyota RAV4


    Eternal rival to the CR-V, the Toyota RAV4 has slightly better last year with 11 655 sales.

    7. Nissan Rogue


    Always in the compact SUV segment, the Nissan Rogue has been more popular than the CR-V and the RAV4 in 2017, Quebec, scoring a total of 12 201 sales. Not bad for a vehicle that’s not even a part of the top 10 in Canada !

    6. GMC Sierra


    In the world of pickup trucks, the GMC Sierra comes in behind its u.s. competitors Ram and Ford. In Quebec, we speak to a sales increase of 17.8% compared to 2016, with a total of 12 917 units sold.

    5. Ram Pickups


    The range of vans and Ram did it as well last year with 13 606 units sold on québec territory. This is the bread and butter of dealers of the brand.

    4. Hyundai Elantra


    Missing from the canadian list, the sedan Hyundai Elantra remains a must-see in Quebec. Despite a decline of 12.6% compared to 2016, the Elantra is the fourth largest sales in the province in all categories.

    3. Toyota Corolla


    The indestructible Toyota Corolla also continues to earn the trust of thousands of quebec motorists year after year. In 2017, Toyota has sold 16 162 units across the province.

    2. Honda Civic


    As in Canada, the Honda Civic sedan is the most popular in Quebec. Honda has elapsed 19 600 units in us last year, an increase of 2.3 % compared to 2016.

    1. Ford F-Series


    Eternal champion of sales, the Ford F-150 dominates as much in Quebec as in the rest of Canada. Ford has sold 25 386 units in the Province by 2017. It is, however, a relatively small proportion of its sales for the whole country, which amounted to 155 290 units.